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Margaret Stoddart Retirement Village

A boutique village in a prime location

The central location of the boutique Margaret Stoddart Village allows residents to take advantage of the many amenities that Riccarton and the central city provide. To balance this, the village is tucked away from the hustle and bustle, and the tranquility of Hagley Park is just up the road.

There's a lifestyle option to suit everyone at the village. You can choose from a townhouse to the extra support of an assisted-living apartment. If your needs change over time, our care centre provides 46 rest home care rooms. Margaret Stoddart care centre is located within the same village community and, as a Ryman resident, you will have priority access over non-residents at the time of your transfer. Should a space for the type of care the village offers be unavailable at the time of your transfer, we will do our best to accommodate you at another Ryman village that provides the level of care you need* until a space becomes available at Margaret Stoddart Village.

There is always something to do; from organised events and shopping trips, to activities that inspire movement. The measure of a full life at Margaret Stoddart Village is certainly one that will get richer with age. 

*Care options vary between villages, please check with our team for details of the care offered at each village. 

Upcoming events at Margaret Stoddart

Independent and assisted living


Margaret Stoddart Village offers living choices to suit everyone, so residents can live the way they want and blaze their own trails. Our townhouses are light and spacious, with clean lines and a clever open-plan design layout that provides an easy flow throughout.

We also offer assisted-living apartment and a range of care options.  Its all part of what we like to call the Ryman Difference


Our pioneering approach to retirement living includes resident-friendly terms designed to protect you and your family. Our base weekly fee is fixed for the entire time you occupy your apartment or townhouse*, and our standard deferred management fee is capped at 20 percent – one of the lowest in the retirement sector.

*Some conditions apply. 

Independent and assisted-living amenities

MS Hair Salon

Connect and unwind

Community is central to the lifestyle so we offer amenities that encourage that sense of togetherness, such as a dining room, hair salon and bar.


Skills and passions

Retirement is a great time to sharpen your skills on the passions and pastimes that you love. We have a library for the enjoyment of residents.


Active and thriving

Incorporate regular activity into your everyday routine or enjoy the camaraderie of a little game time. Amenities include lovely gardens and indoor bowls.

"The people here are absolutely fantastic. They welcome you, and I love that."

Jennett McGaw - Independent resident 


Enjoy all the upsides of living independently in a Ryman village. Easy living, security, plus a huge bonus – the support of a vibrant village community.


Assisted-living apartments come with support you can count on. A chef-prepared meal, housekeeping – it's great for you and reassuring for your family.  


It's hard to put your finger on why Ryman villages just feel different. For the inside knowledge, check out our guide. 


Our retirement villages offer a range of care options - not as an add-on, but woven into the fabric of our villages.

Margaret Stoddart care centre offers the best of rest home care. Like all aspects of our villages, we constantly look for ways to improve both the care we provide and the innovation behind it. Care is customised using our myRyman Care app and residents love the food in our seasonal Delicious menu, which is prepared fresh on site by village chefs. 

Margaret Stoddart is one of over 90% of Ryman villages that have been awarded 4-year certification by the Ministry of Health. It’s recognised as the ‘gold star’ standard in care.

MS 4-year cert - Aug 2020 - Aug 2024

Accommodation premium

At Margaret Stoddart Village, our private care rooms provide superior accommodation – you'll enjoy a spacious room with a private ensuite. The price of your private care room depends on the type of room you select. This will be clearly outlined in your admission agreement.

Accommodation premiums range from $28 to $81 per day

If you would like more information our village manager will be happy to help.

Care centre amenities

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A little pampering

Treat yourself to a pamper session in our hair and beauty salon or a sweet treat in the shop. 


Relax and connect

Lounge and dining areas provide spaces to relax and enjoy mealtimes. The food tastes great and the social interaction is good for the soul.


Calm spaces

Tranquil indoor and outdoor spaces dedicated to our care residents allow you to relax and meet with family and friends.

"My wife is being looked after very well. It gives me a sense of relief."

Brian - Independent resident 


Personal attention, warmth and building trusting relationships are all crucial to the customised care we provide at our care centres.


It's hard to put your finger on why Ryman care centres just feel different. For the inside knowledge, check out our care guide. 

Village location

What's in the neighbourhood?


Hagley Park 

Hagley Park has been the heart of Christchurch since the 1850’s and is still as popular as ever, with the botanical gardens set within, as well as a multitude walks, ponds, rivers and playgrounds, there really is something for everyone. 


Westfield Riccarton 

Located just down the road from the village, the biggest mall in Christchurch, Westfield Riccarton, has a shop for everyone, not to mention cinema’s, supermarket and plenty of eateries. 


Mona Vale 

This 5.5-hectare garden park is one of Christchurch’s favourite spaces. The beautiful homestead dates back to the late 1800’s and today houses a café offering delicious food and drinks. 




Each Ryman village is named in honour of a Kiwi or Aussie trailblazer: Anthony Wilding, Lady Diana Isaac, Evelyn Page. They pushed further and set the bar high for others to aspire to. In creating communities that challenge the expectations of ageing, Ryman villages are also setting the bar high. They’re demonstrating that a retirement lifestyle brimming with new experiences, connections and fulfilment is something we should aspire to. Our Kiwi and Aussie namesakes represent the measure of inspiration, while Ryman villages represent the measure of retirement living.

Margaret Stoddart (1865-1934)

Margaret Stoddart’s exceptional talent, adventurous spirit, immersive watercolour style, and commitment to working from nature, are hallmarks of her remarkable career. She was widely exhibited while painting and her legacy continues to impact New Zealand art today.

Based in Canterbury, New Zealand for most of her career, she spent nine years spent living and painting in Europe. Christchurch, Banks Peninsula, and the Chatham Islands heavily inspired her work, and she established a reputation as one of New Zealand’s foremost flower painters. While abroad, she painted as she travelled through England, France, Italy, and Norway. Her works were displayed in prestigious exhibitions throughout Europe during this time.

She worked exclusively as a watercolourist and painted plein-air landscape. While watercolour painting was a common pastime for women at the time, Margaret’s talent for the art form flourished into a trail-blazing professional career.

In later years, Margaret heavily contributed to Canterbury’s artistic community. She taught at the Canterbury College School of Art, was a member of the Christchurch Sketch Club, and served as vice president of the Canterbury Society of Arts. More than an artist, she inspired many young artists through her teaching. Her students include Evelyn Page and Sir Toss Woollaston.

To learn more about Margaret’s life and career, read Margaret Stoddart: landscapes of a Canterbury flower painter by J. King as published in Art New Zealand No31 (Winter 1984) 46-49.