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When Kevin Hickman and John Ryder started Ryman in 1984, it was founded on an ethos of ensuring everything we do must be “It’s got to be good enough for Mum and Dad”.

From our residents, our people, and our wider communities to our environment, our society and our financial sustainability, care sits at the heart of everything we do.

As one of New Zealand’s largest companies, we are taking a leadership position with our first formal sustainability strategy. It reflects our passion to live up to the ethos set out by our co-founders to ensure we are doing our absolute best for the generations to come. 



of our sustainability strategy

Through detailed interviews with a range of external stakeholders as well as input from internal stakeholders, 25 issues were identified as material for us. They are the issues that are key for us to address to ensure we are moving towards a successful sustainable future.

These have been grouped into the following three pillars:


We strive to minimise any adverse impact on our communities. We seek to leave the environment in better shape for generations to come.

Sustainability Strategy Icons-Climate Change


Climate change

Sustainability Strategy Icons-Environmental


Environmental footprint

Sustainability Strategy Icons-Green Buildings


Green buildings



Our people are Ryman. We invest in them to enable them to grow, to care for and support our residents, as well as accelerate our business performance.

Sustainability Strategy Icons-Leadership


Internal leadership and governance

Sustainability Strategy Icons-Health Safety


Health, safety and wellbeing

Sustainability Strategy Icons-Employee Attraction


Employee attraction, development and retention

Sustainability Strategy Icons-Culture


Culture and values


Our purpose is our glue. We know that by focusing on our purpose – greater freedom, richer connections and deeper wellbeing for people as we grow older – our business will succeed.

Sustainability Strategy Icons-Indigenous


Indigenous engagement

Sustainability Strategy Icons-Quality Care


Quality care

Sustainability Strategy Icons-Resident Ex


Resident experience

Sustainability Strategy Icons-Supplier


Supplier collaboration

We have identified our key priorities from the ambitious programme of important projects we have committed to.

Sustainability Strategy Icons-Climate ChangeClimate change

Establish science-based emission targets

We have been measuring our greenhouse gas emissions for several years, refining our approach and reporting our progress publicly. In 2023 we will join an elite group of global companies and be one of only three healthcare providers in Oceania to register with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) and establish a verified near-term science-based target. By the end of this first year we will deliver a detailed emissions reduction plan, including milestones to achieve our science-based emissions target.

Sustainability Strategy Icons-Quality CareQuality care

Deliver future-focused dementia design

We understand the criticality of our continuum of care model to our success, and its value to current and future residents. Quality care sits firmly as a material issue. Our goal is to be the exemplars of quality in the aged-care industry; delivering care that is tailored to our residents’ health needs, preferences and rights, and innovating for the future. With the impending tsunami of age-related dementia threatening to overwhelm health systems, sustainable dementia communities will become an increasingly important offering within our model. This coming year we will invest in research and pilot leading dementia design, moving beyond dementia care centres to create dementia-friendly communities.

Sustainability Strategy Icons-IndigenousIndigenous engagement 

Enhance indigenous engagement

As a leader in our sector, we have chosen to prioritise our deliberate engagement with indigenous communities in both Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. Our goal is to cultivate meaningful relationships with Ngā iwi Māori in Aotearoa New Zealand and First Nations People in Australia to empower an indigenous perspective across our business model and into all of our services. We are excited to already have our Taha Māori Kaitiaki – Cultural Navigator appointed in Aotearoa New Zealand to help guide us. In Australia, we will focus on developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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Our alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals remain a critical blueprint for aligning sustainability efforts globally. They help ensure we are addressing the major environmental, social, and economic challenges our world faces.

Ryman’s material issues – Our Places, Our People, Our Purpose – have been mapped to the Sustainable Development Goals. This alignment will help us to better engage with residents, prospective residents, team members, and other stakeholders as we share our progress towards positive and impactful outcomes.

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We are a member of the Sustainable Business Council  - working to mobilise New Zealand's most ambitious businesses to build a thriving and sustainable future for all. 


Integrated team approach

In taking an integrated team approach, Ryman has already developed a range of sustainability-focussed initiatives and measures to cut back on our environmental impact. These include reducing our energy consumption and landfill waste, improved water management, transitioning our company vehicles to hybrid alternatives, and disposing of surplus items in a sustainable manner.

Our residents are keen to help in any way they can. We have resident teams doing their bit, such as producing rodent and possum traps for the Department of Conservation which help in the campaign to make New Zealand predator-free. Our residents want to make sure we operate in a way that will leave the earth in good shape for their grandchildren and the generations to follow.

Ryman’s business partners are also an important factor in everything we do, and we are regularly talking to them about the measures they can take to help us become more sustainable.

We will hold ourselves accountable to our goals

We are committed to establishing a governance framework that drives delivery of our sustainability strategy. To ensure accountability to all stakeholders, we will establish regular reporting, and invest in the necessary systems and processes to enable that to occur.

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