Our purpose is our glue. We know that by focusing on our purpose – greater freedom, richer connections and deeper wellbeing for people as we grow older – our business will succeed.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Sustainability Strategy Icons-IndigenousIndigenous engagement

Our goal:

Cultivating meaningful relationships with Ngā iwi Māori in Aotearoa New Zealand and First Nations People in Australia to empower an indigenous perspective across our business model and into all of our services

KPI: To be determined

2023 target: Plans developed

Our projects:

  • Enhance iwi engagement
  • Enhance First Nations engagement

Sustainability Strategy Icons-Quality Care Quality care

Our goal:

Being the exemplars of quality in the aged-care industry; delivering care that is tailored to our residents’ health needs, preferences and rights
and innovating for the future

KPI: Relevant external health quality of
care standards

2023 target: 4-year certification for >80% of New Zealand villages; and 3-year accreditation for all AU care with 100% of recommendations met

Our projects:

  • Deliver future-focused dementia design

Sustainability Strategy Icons-Resident Ex Resident experience

Our goal:

Continuing to provide a resident experience that challenges the conventions of ageing, ensuring greater freedom, richer connection and deeper wellbeing for our residents

KPI: To be determined

2023 target: To be established

Our projects:

  • Monitor and measure our impact on the
    wellbeing of our residents

Sustainability Strategy Icons-Supplier Supplier collaboration

Our goal:

Collaborating with our suppliers to maximise mutually beneficial outcomes

KPI: Documented supplier engagement

2023 target: Engagement metric achieved

Our projects:

  • Drive supplier engagement
  • Develop supplier code of ethics
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships

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We strive to minimise any adverse impact on the environment in which we operate. We seek to leave the environment in better shape for generations to come.



Our people are Ryman. We invest in them to enable them to grow, to care for and support our residents, as well as accelerate our business performance.



We have created a materiality matrix which identifies the key issues where Ryman has the most opportunity to improve its sustainability performance.