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All resthomes and aged-care facilities in New Zealand must be certified and audited. Certification audits are conducted every 1 to 4 years by external auditing agencies, designated by the Ministry of Health. Each audit team includes at least one registered nurse. 

Villages are assessed on a range of factors, including clinical records, resident care, policies and procedures, village staff, and the overall environment of the care centre.

The results of the audit determine the length of time (from 1 to 4 years) that the care centre is awarded certification. To ensure standards are maintained within the awarded period, an unannounced audit takes place during the certification period.


Over 80 percent of Ryman villages have been awarded 4-year certification

This is recognised as the ‘gold star’ standard in care. To be awarded this level of certification means that the sector standard for aged care has been exceeded.

Of all the large providers (with 15 villages or more) in New Zealand, Ryman has the highest number of care centres with 4 years’ certification.

Ryman exceeds the sector standard in aged care by continuing to enhance the resident experience. Our award-winning electronic care app, myRyman, enables nurses and carers to see and record information about each resident at the bedside.

And our seasonal Delicious menu gives our residents a choice of three main courses, including a vegetarian option — all made fresh on site by our in-house village chefs.


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