Triple A Exercise


You're never too old to exercise 

Ryman Triple A (Ageless, Active, Aware) is a complimentary exercise programme available to all Ryman residents. It’s designed specifically for older people, is ACC approved and accredited, and will enhance the quality of your life and overall wellbeing. The programme is based on the belief that you’re never too old to exercise—just find what’s right for you. 

Join Triple A classes online or view exercises you can do at home.

Participation is optional 

Be as involved as you want. Triple A caters for all ability levels with the aim of improving your strength, flexibility, balance, agility, and will give you greater independence—for longer. Classes cover functional fitness and circuit, and if you’re less mobile, a ‘sit and be fit’ class - there’s something for everyone.

The social benefit 

Getting together with your fellow residents is a huge advantage of the Triple A programme. You have a shared sense of purpose and will often have a good laugh.
Many residents participate at least twice per week, realising the tremendous benefits the programme provides and noticing significant gains in their overall health and wellbeing.


ACC approved and accredited 

Activities and Lifestyle Coordinator, Chelsea Richdale, played the lead role in getting the Triple A programme ACC accredited. The Triple A programme received ACC approval and accreditation in 2018. The New Zealand Government, the Ministry of Health and ACC developed the initiative ‘Live Stronger for Longer’, aiming to prevent or reduce falls by having residents attend strength and balance classes. The ACC assessed the programme to understand what classes people could be referred to, and the public can see which classes are approved.

"Residents and relatives often ask how we know Triple A is improving mobility and health. Our association with ACC means we can now say that ACC approves what we do."

Chelsea Richdale, Activity and Lifestyle Coordinator

"I go three times a week – I’d go five but I’ve got golf on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I do Triple A for 40 minutes, and then go for a 30 minute swim in the pool. I’ve always loved the water, but I never would have gone to exercise classes before - I just couldn’t be bothered. Everything’s here for me – it takes me three minutes to walk to Triple A. I see all my neighbours on the way."

Bruce Gray, Ryman resident 

"We love our routine here, participating in Triple A twice a week."

Pete and Marg, Logan Campbell residents 


Try Triple A exercises at home

Below are a series of videos containing exercises you can do in your own home.  Remember to have something to hold onto for balance, such as a chair, bench or table.

Disclaimer: These exercises are completed at your own risk.  So make sure you have a safe area to exercise, like a flat even surface that is free of any hazards.  Also make sure you exercise to your own ability and adapt the exercises accordingly, if needed.  You may find it helpful to have something to hold onto for balance, such as a steady chair, bench or table. If you begin to feel unstable or tired, stop and take a break.  If you continue to feel discomfort or unwell, then please promptly consult your medical professional.

Full in-home Triple A class

Calf raises and leg abductions

Leg abductions

Leg curls

Knee bends

Balance exercises

A lifestyle of wellness

Living at a Ryman village is all about the lifestyle, and an integral part of that is wellness. Which is why we have developed programs that enhance residents’ overall wellbeing. 


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