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Resident-friendly terms

Our pioneering approach to retirement living includes resident-friendly terms designed to protect you and your family.

Our Peace of Mind Guarantees give our residents greater confidence to live the way they want. Freedom and flexibility let you choose when, where, and how you want to live your life. A welcoming community ensures that friendly company is available when you want it. Care that can be dialled up as you need it lets you live for today because our personalised care services are there if you ever need them.

For over 35 years we have chosen to pioneer retirement living. Our innovative, resident-friendly terms reflect that commitment.

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Ryman Peace of Mind Guarantees


The deferred management fee (DMF) is your contribution to the continued maintenance and management of the village, including your unit and the village amenities.

It’s deducted when your occupancy advance is repaid, which is the amount you’ve paid to occupy the unit. Your DMF will be no more than 20 percent – one of the lowest in the retirement sector.

“We guarantee that our deferred management fee will be capped at a maximum of 20% of the occupancy advance – even if you transfer to another apartment or townhouse within the village, or to another Ryman village.”


Below are some resources to help you understand how DMF works.



We know how important it is for you to have certainty regarding your living costs.

“We guarantee that we will not increase your base weekly fee for the entire time you occupy your apartment or townhouse at the village, regardless of any changes to the operating costs at the village. Your base weekly fee is fixed for you. It would only increase if you change from independent living to serviced apartment living, or you add extra care options.”


You will have peace of mind knowing that if the need arises for an increased level of care, you can remain living within the village community in close contact with your partner or friends.

“We guarantee that you will have priority access over non-residents to the care centre within the village, or to another Ryman care centre.”

Care options vary between villages, please check with your local village.


When you vacate your apartment or townhouse, you will not continue to carry the cost of outgoings. We see it as our responsibility to carry these costs while we’re in the process of on-selling your apartment or townhouse.

“We guarantee that the base weekly fee and deferred management fee will stop on the day you permanently vacate your apartment or townhouse.”


There are no hidden costs when you move into a Ryman village, or when you leave your apartment or townhouse.

We accept total responsibility for refurbishing, marketing, and on-selling your apartment or townhouse. These costs are covered by the deferred management fee.

“We guarantee not to charge for any sales, administration, marketing, or refurbishment costs when we on-sell your apartment or townhouse.”


It is common practice for retirement villages to repay the balance of the occupancy advance only when the apartment or townhouse has been on-sold.

“We guarantee that if the new resident has not settled within 6 months of you vacating your apartment or townhouse, we will pay you interest on your occupancy advance until it is paid in full.”

In over 35 years the longest time a Ryman resident has waited to be repaid is 6 months.


You and your family will have certainty about the amount you are paid when you leave the village. You will not be exposed to any capital loss when the apartment or townhouse is on-sold.

“We guarantee to repay you the balance of your occupancy advance, and that the amount repaid will not be affected by a decline in the value of your apartment or townhouse.”


Buying your new home in a retirement village is an important decision. We want you to be confident you’ve made the right choice in selecting a Ryman village.

“We guarantee that if you change your mind within 15 working days of signing your occupancy agreement (and you have not yet taken up residence) then we will agree to cancel the agreement and refund your deposit in full.”


We’re so confident you’ll be happy with your decision to move to a Ryman village, we will provide you with a 90-day money-back guarantee*.

“We guarantee that we will repay your occupancy advance in full if, on the expiry of 90 days after taking up permanent residence, you are unhappy with your decision to move into your apartment or townhouse and wish to leave the village.”

*Some conditions apply

Detailed terms and conditions relating to our exclusive Ryman Peace of Mind Guarantees can be found in the Residence Agreement for each village.

What is a deferred management fee?

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Deferred management fee calculator

This is a simplified calculator to help you understand the difference between Ryman and other providers' Deferred Management Fee (DMF). At Ryman you will only ever be charged a DMF once, and this is capped at 20% after 5 years. Others may differ - including charging an additional DMF when you move into a serviced apartment or care.

To learn more about how the deferred management fee is calculated over time and between different living options, please contact our experienced sales team who can walk you through the process.


Compare our terms with others

We developed our Ryman Peace of Mind Guarantees to protect residents and their families. We encourage you to compare Ryman’s independent and serviced apartment living terms with other retirement villages. Ask how their terms differ from ours.

We have provided a handy comparison guide to download and use for reference.

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