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Care centre

Care when you need it 

Once you live in a Ryman village, you will always have priority access to care options that suit your needs. It's comforting for couples and friends to know they can still be near each other even if their health needs are different. 

Along with independent living and assisted-living apartments, Ryman villages offer resthome care and, in most villages, hospital and specialist dementia care. We can even offer resthome care in your assisted-living apartment. This option enables you to remain in your own apartment but with a little extra support.

Ryman care centres also welcome residents who need short-term care, respite care, or day care.

Your care is customised according to your needs and preferences. This is made easy via our award-winning myRyman Care app. A device, located in every care room, enables nurses and carers to access clinical data and record daily care tasks for you at the bedside. This means our teams can spend more quality time with you, and less time manually writing up notes. And should your primary carer be absent, everything is securely recorded on your myRyman device, making the transfer of care seamless. 


Moving around requires a little help, and you may need assistance with personal care and day-to-day activities. The care we provide is specific to your needs. We can assist you with anything from showering and assistance with dressing, to administering medicines – it simply depends on whatever your needs are at that time.

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Our hospital level care provides for those who have significant medical needs. Most people in our hospital require full assistance to move around.

We will assist you with all your needs, from showering and dressing to monitoring any chronic health conditions. We will also provide assistance with medications, wound care, continence management and any other health needs as required.

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Specialist dementia care

Ryman villages are supportive and caring communities that work to improve the experience of residents living with dementia. We provide a safe environment for residents to enjoy living in, with a focus on experiences rather than processes.

Through our award-winning myRyman Life model of dementia care, we aim to challenge perspectives on dementia and to support people to live in the moment, and to feel kindness, love, and security. To promote spontaneity, laughter, and happiness.

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Respite & day care

Respite care is available to provide carers with a break, or for rehabilitation following a hospital stay. 

Our day care programme can accommodate those who would like to join us during the day, to enjoy meals and activities with other residents. Our priority is to listen to your individual needs and to customise our services to create a happy outcome for everyone. 

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Please note that care options can vary between villages. Check with your local Ryman village pages to see the care options available in your area.

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