Ryman villages have always pioneered what it means to live life to the full in retirement.

Our approach to dementia care is no different.

Almost 70,000 Kiwis are currently living with dementia, which means that many of us will be touched by dementia either directly or indirectly at some point in our lives. Its prevalence is one of the many reasons why Ryman has researched and developed our bespoke model of dementia care, myRyman Life.

Ryman villages recognise that it takes a community to support people living with dementia, and that’s exactly what we’ve created – supportive and caring communities that work to improve the experiences of residents living with dementia.

Ryman residents aren’t defined by dementia, they’re supported to live fulfilled lives

Private care rooms

Dementia care rooms are spacious and include a private ensuite* and television, with plenty of space for family and friends to visit.

You can choose from a selection of room layouts with views that overlook beautifully landscaped gardens or courtyards.

*Some rooms at Rowena Jackson and Princess Alexandra Villages may vary. 

Our specialist teams

Our dementia care teams receive specialist training to assist them to care for residents living with dementia in a positive and therapeutic manner.

Where possible, a primary caregiver is dedicated to each resident, helping to build trust, reduce stress, and to provide a familiar rhythm to their daily routine.

Living spaces

Our dementia care centres are easy to navigate and include secure tranquil outdoor areas designed to reflect your own garden at home. 

We provide a calming and safe environment with cues and signage to support memory and help with orientation. 

“My mum’s a new person now, and far more relaxed than she’s ever been.”

Katrina, daughter of Jackie - Ryman resident living with dementia

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myRyman Life

Our award-winning myRyman Life dementia model aims to challenge perspectives on dementia. We create inclusive communities where residents can thrive, families can feel reassured, and staff receive cutting-edge training. 

At the heart of myRyman Life is relationship-based care, where we support people to live their own lives and safely continue doing the things that bring them joy and a sense of fulfilment. This enables residents to live in the moment and to feel kindness, love and security.

Ryman villages are vibrant communities where residents make new friends and socialise as much or little as suits them. No matter which part of the village residents live in, there is always a strong sense of community.


Questions about dementia care

Living in a secure dementia unit is different from assisted living. Dementia care homes, called specialist dementia care units within Ryman villages, are specifically designed to support people with dementia within the village community.

Our secure dementia care units make it easier for residents living with dementia to orientate themselves and to continue doing things they have always done.

Assisted living apartments are for people who live independently and have no problem orienting themselves but need a little extra support to make life easier, such as housekeeping and some meals. Residents choose the level of support that works for them and are free to come and go to and from the village as they please. 

People living with dementia usually need more care and support as their condition advances, and there may come a time when they need to move into a specialist dementia care home.  

Caregiver burnout 

Caregiver burnout can also be a factor. It can become increasingly exhausting to care for a person with dementia, particularly if the caregiver struggles with their own health and responsibilities, or the person with dementia is prone to outbursts or wandering. It can get to the point where continuing to live in the family home is not safe for the caregiver or the person with dementia.  

If you need some help 

There are many other considerations, and because every circumstance is different, it can be difficult to know when it is the right time for a loved one to move to a dementia care home. If you’re not sure if your loved one needs to go into care, we can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. 

Dealing with feelings of guilt and loss

Transitioning into care can sometimes be a challenging time for the person living with dementia and their family members, who may be grieving the person they used to be or feel guilty about ‘putting them in a home’.  

It can help to know that the person living with dementia is getting the specialised care they need to enjoy the best possible quality of life, in a caring environment designed to support their needs and help them blossom again. Once they have settled in, we often hear from family members that their loved ones are much happier than they were before they moved into care.

If you'd like to speak to your local Ryman village manager or dementia care team, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch, or phone 0800 588 222.

When looking for a care home for someone living with dementia, choose one that offers specialist dementia care which takes the person’s unique personality and needs into account. Safety, accessibility, food, and activity preferences are all important.

Understanding the needs of the person with dementia 

A person’s levels of resilience, life experiences, support network, and how far their dementia has progressed will contribute to how dementia impacts their daily life. Every person living with dementia has a unique set of needs.

At Ryman we engage and communicate with each person on an individual level, supporting them to continue participating in the aspects of life that bring them happiness. For example, it could be spending time outside in a secure garden area, the company of a care companion, or engaging in hobbies they’ve always enjoyed.

Take a personalised tour 

If you’d like to tour a Ryman specialist dementia care unit, ring the village or fill in the form below to request an appointment to take a tour and meet some of our specialist dementia care team members. We’ll spend time with you and answer any questions that you have. It’s also a great idea to bring a checklist of questions with you.


Dementia care home fees are set by the government and are based on a standard room. The cost varies by region and is updated yearly. For more information and a breakdown of costs in your region, visit the New Zealand Government website

Who pays dementia care home fees? 

Everyone is responsible for paying for their own care, but people can apply for government help if they can’t afford all or some of the cost.  

Whether they receive government assistance will depend on their income and assets when they need to go into care. Some people pay the full amount privately, and for others the costs are subsidised by Te Whatu Ora with a Residential Care Subsidy.

To determine if a person is eligible for the Residential Care Subsidy, a financial means assessment will be done by Work & Income New Zealand (WINZ). This assessment looks at income from all sources and the value of all assets. If the total value of the assets is below the threshold amount, a person living with dementia may be eligible to receive a Residential Care Subsidy.   

Would you like some help understanding dementia care fees? 

If you would like to chat to someone at Ryman to get some clarity on how to pay for dementia care and what assistance you may be eligible for, please contact us

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If you’d like to speak to your local Ryman village manager or dementia care team, fill out the form below and we will be in touch.


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Our villages have gained Dementia Friendly Accreditation as recognised by Alzheimers New Zealand.