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Moving to a new home can be stressful. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to even begin! At a Ryman village, you’re in safe hands.

This step-by-step guide provides everything you need to know on how to get started on your care journey.

From your initial needs assessment through to settling into the lifestyle at a Ryman care centre. Our priority is to make your transition as smooth as possible, so this guide highlights the process and provides the correct sources of information. Better yet, our village managers are adept at guiding residents and their families through the process. Simply contact your local Ryman village to find out more.

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Assess your eligibility

You need to be assessed by your local Needs Assessment and Service Coordination agency (NASC). Or in some regions, Care Coordination - Older Person’s Health. NASC and Care Coordination provide information, advice, and support to older people who are having difficulty living at home. You can contact them yourself, or your doctor can refer you. NASC and Care Coordination will visit you and talk to you about your lifestyle and care needs to find the best care option for you. After you’ve been assessed, you’ll receive a letter to let you know whether you're eligible for care services and, if so, what level of care and government assistance you are entitled to.

To find your local NASC visit: www.nznasca.co.nz/regions 

Or call Seniorline on:
0800 725 463

What will it cost?

Costs vary according to your needs and the type of care accommodation you choose. Once you've been assessed as needing care, you can apply for a residential care subsidy. This subsidy is asset tested by Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) and the asset thresholds are adjusted yearly.

If your assets are below the asset threshold, you qualify for government funding. WINZ will then assess your income and tell you how much you will need to pay towards the cost of your care.

If your assets are above the asset threshold, you pay the cost of care. If your assets fall below the threshold during your time in care, you will become eligible to apply for the residential care subsidy.

Work and Income New Zealand

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Come in for a visit
Choosing the right care centre is an important decision. People often tell us they ‘feel the difference’ when they visit one of our care centres, and we’d love to share that with you. By visiting during the day you can join in with the activities on offer. Or you might like to stay at a village for a few days and experience our respite care.

If you need transport to get here, we can arrange it for you. 

Applying to move in

Before you move in, you or your representative will sign an admission agreement and provide information about your personal circumstances and preferences. It’s important for us to know this information so we can give you the best possible care and quality of life. We understand that privacy is important to you. At all times, your information will be treated with sensitivity and kept confidential. We will also provide you or your representative a charter of your rights as a resident. Our village managers will be able to walk you through the process. 

Contact your local village manager 

Selecting your room

At a Ryman village, our private care rooms provide superior accommodation – you'll enjoy a spacious room with a private ensuite.* Rooms are superior to the government (DHB) service specification and due to this, we charge an accommodation premiumThe price of your private care room depends on the type of room you select. This will be clearly outlined in your admission agreement. If you have any questions about room prices or payment options, our village managers will be happy to answer them for you. 

“I think of my Mum’s northeast corner room at Bruce McLaren as her miracle room. She just loved it, and we all appreciated so much the care given to her.”

Christine, Family member

*Some rooms at Rowena Jackson and Princess Alexandra villages vary.

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Your first day

On the day you arrive, you’ll be welcomed, shown to your new room, introduced to the team and other residents, and shown around the care centre. Everything will happen at your own pace. We’ll discuss your health and personal care needs with you or your representative. Using our electronic care app, myRyman Care, we’ll develop your care plan which will include your physical, social, spiritual and cultural wellbeing, as well as your personal needs, and your goals.

Our myRyman Care app makes it easy for you and your representative to be involved in your care plan. The app is located on multiple devices dedicated to our care centres where your carer or nurse can record daily care tasks for you. Having a primary caregiver enables a dedicated team member to learn your needs and preferences. This helps to build a trusting relationship and adds a natural rhythm to the care we provide.

We are caring for you in your home within the village and we like to really get to know you. Therefore, learning all the little things – life experiences, hobbies, achievements, preferences – is important in becoming part of the village family.

Settling in

Feeling nervous and apprehensive is a normal part of the settling-in process. Other residents have faced the same changes that you are experiencing and have made the move surrounded by the caring support of our village team. Remember that having the privacy of your own room allows you to enjoy the peace and quiet of your own surroundings. However, a great way to keep busy in the first few days is to explore everything on offer in the care centre. 

Make it your own

We want to make this phase in your life as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Arranging your room just the way you like it and displaying your personal belongings will help you settle in and feel more at home. You’re welcome to bring your armchair or your favourite pieces of furniture. Our team members are sensitive to the feelings and processes that new residents can experience. You may have questions, need help, or you may simply want to talk about how you are feeling. All of our team are here to help, at all times.


A comprehensive guide of Ryman care options – resthome, hospital, specialist dementia and assisted living.


Innovation through myRyman Care  

At Ryman, our care plans come to life through our custom-made electronic care app, myRyman Care. Located on multiple devices dedicated to our care centres, enabling nurses and carers to access and record daily care tasks and clinical data for you at the bedside. Meaning less time manually writing up notes, and more quality time caring for you. And should your primary carer be absent, everything is securely recorded on the myRyman device making the transfer of care seamless. 

“The myRyman app has been invaluable for Ryman, in how much it has improved residents’ lives.”
Victoria Brevoort | Clinical Nurse Specialist

Eldercare Innovation Award

In 2019, myRyman Care was named Innovation of the Year – Care Model at the Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards in Singapore. The award recognises the best care model that improves the quality of life for older people.

7th APAC Award-01

myRyman images

“Everybody’s dedicated to their work – they’re not just workers, they all love their job. They all deserve a gold medal.”

Graham Ruthven - Ryman resident


Exceeding standards in clinical excellence

All resthomes and aged-care facilities in New Zealand must be certified and audited. Certification audits are conducted every 1 to 4 years by external auditing agencies, designated by the Ministry of Health.

Being awarded 4-year certification means that the sector standard for aged care has been exceeded and it is recognised as the 'gold star' standard in care.

Ryman villages have the highest number of care centres with 4 years' certification, compared with other large providers (with 15 villages or more) in New Zealand. 




Care Accommodation Premium

Private rooms at Ryman villages are superior to the government (DHB) service specification. Due to this, we charge an accommodation premium.

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