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Pioneering is part of who we are 

Founded in Canterbury in 1984, Ryman has been pioneering retirement living in New Zealand for more than 35 years. We always have, and always will, challenge the status quo, and adapt to better serve our residents. And right now, that pioneering spirit is more important than ever, because there’s a new generation of Kiwis who are not retiring from life, they’re looking for a new way to live.

Ryman Healthcare has five retirement villages throughout Wellington. Each village has its own unique personality and welcoming community, where you’ll gain a lifestyle and a community you can thrive in. Plus it’s a great way to stay connected and active with like-minded people. For those local to the Wellington region, it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy one of our villages with your local village.

Ryman villages offer a full range of living and care options, from independent living and the light touch of a serviced apartment, to rest home, hospital and specialist dementia care. That freedom and flexibility is empowering for residents, and knowing care can be dialed up as needed means, quite simply, ‘no worries’.

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