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Find a Retirement Village in New Zealand

Written by Ryman Healthcare
on April 18, 2024

Find your new home with us  

Ryman Healthcare offers the very best of retirement living and aged care with retirement villages throughout New Zealand. You'll find Ryman retirement villages near you, each with a unique personality and a range of living and care options. Gain a lifestyle you can thrive in and connect with like-minded people in a welcoming community. 


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Retirement villages with aged care facilities

In addition to independent and assisted living, Ryman villages offer a range of care options. Depending on the village, the levels of care we provide include rest home, hospital, specialist dementia care, and respite care. In some instances we may also be able to offer rest home care in an assisted-living apartment. This option enables you to remain in your own apartment but with a little extra support.   

Care options vary between villages, please check with your local village.  

No matter which care option you need, you will receive high quality care. Everyone is unique, and your care is customised according to your needs and preferences. This is made easy via our award-winning myRyman Care app which enables nurses and carers to access clinical data and record daily care tasks at your bedside.  

Once you live in a Ryman retirement village, you will always have priority access to our care options over non-residents at the time of your transfer. 


If no space is available at your preferred village at this time, we will do our best to accommodate you at another Ryman village that provides the care you need until a suitable space is available at your village of choice.


What to consider before moving to a retirement village?  

There are many things to consider when moving to a retirement village, and it’s important to do your research and get advice from trusted sources.   

One thing we hear all the time from residents is that if you think your needs or those of a loved one may change in future, it’s much easier to move into independent or assisted living at the village before either of you need care.   

It’s a good idea to visit several villages and see which feels right for you. Taking a stroll around a village and chatting to residents and village staff is the best way to obtain a true appreciation of what life will be like. Take in the sights and sounds and observe the general atmosphere. Ask yourself if you could see yourself living there.   

If you are looking for rest home, hospital, or dementia care for a loved one, choose a village offering specialist care which considers the person’s unique personality and needs. Safety, accessibility, food, and activity preferences are all important.  

Key questions to ask  

When trying to decide, there are some key things to look out for. Knowing the correct questions to ask will help you choose the option that best suits you and is the right decision for you and your family. has a handy checklist you can download and print off which covers many of these key questions. Click here to view.


Book a personalised tour

If you’d like to tour a Ryman village, ring the village or fill in the form below to request an appointment for a personalised tour. We’ll spend time with you and answer any questions that you have. It’s also a great idea to bring your checklist of questions with you.  



What is the difference between a rest home and a retirement village?  

Living independently or in assisted living in a Ryman village is different from living in a Ryman care centre. 


Independent living

Ryman’s independent apartments and townhouses are designed with easy living in mind. Rates, window cleaning, gardening and exterior maintenance are taken care of, which gives you more time and energy to enjoy the village facilities and lifestyle. It’s also easy to lock up and leave for adventure, knowing that in your absence the garden will be watered, lawns mowed, weeds pulled, windows cleaned, and your home kept safe and secure.  


Assisted living in a serviced apartment 

Assisted living in a serviced apartment is ideal for people who can live independently but need a little extra support to make life easier, such as housekeeping and some meals. You can choose the level of support that works for you and come and go to and from the village as you please.  


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Living in the care centre

In addition to independent and assisted living, all Ryman villages have an on-site care centre, for those who can no longer live independently due to medical issues or frailty. All Ryman villages offer rest home care, and most also offer hospital and specialist dementia care. 


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What is the minimum age for a retirement village in New Zealand?  

Although people can choose to retire earlier or later, the official age for retirement in New Zealand is 65 years old. This is the age that people become eligible to receive NZ Super and typically gain access to their KiwiSaver balances.  

The age that you need to be to enter a retirement village in New Zealand varies depending on the village provider. Some villages may allow residents to enter as early as 55 while others have a minimum entry age of between 65 and 75. Ryman villages in New Zealand have a minimum age requirement of 70 years, although that can be lowered in some circumstances. 


How do you pay for a retirement village? 

How you pay depends on what part of the village you are living in. 


Paying for your independent or assisted living unit 

When you move into an independent or assisted living unit in the village, you’ll pay an occupancy advance which gives you the right to occupy your townhouse or apartment and enjoy village amenities.    

When you permanently vacate the village, your apartment or townhouse is on-sold and the village retains an agreed deferred management fee, also known as an exit fee. Ryman’s standard deferred management fee is capped at 20% of your occupancy advance across our apartments and townhouses. The balance is then repaid to you or your family.  

You also pay a fixed base weekly fee which covers the daily running of your village. It keeps the amenities in top shape, the gardens looking gorgeous, activities, and exterior maintenance including windows cleaning. 


Paying for rest home, hospital, and dementia care 

If you have been assessed as needing long-term care in a Ryman village care centre, you may be able to get a Residential Care Subsidy to help with the cost of your care. It's paid directly to us by Health New Zealand - Te Whatu Ora. Whether you receive government assistance will depend on your income and assets when you need to go into care.  

For detailed information on applying for a residential care subsidy, visit Health New Zealand - Te Whatu Ora. You can also contact us by calling 0800 588 222 or fill in our contact form and we will get in touch to explain your options. 


Would you like some help understanding retirement village fees? 

If you would like to chat to someone at Ryman to get some clarity on how fees work and what assistance you may be eligible for, please contact us.  



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