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Six cocktails for the warmer weather

March 18, 2022


cocktailsGive these refreshing drinks a whirl. Full of flavour and low on sugar, they’re the perfect way to celebrate a season change and warmer weather.


Sipping in the sun

Watermelon Daiquiri
Serves 1

It doesn’t get more refreshing than a hint of refreshing watermelon. This recipe is a breeze with five simple ingredients taking less than five minutes to whip up on a hot day. It’s a guaranteed favourite for summer gatherings and afternoons at home. Light pink in colour and garnished with a slice of watermelon, this drink is picture-perfect.

A blender suitable for crushing ice
Ice, two handfuls
100g watermelon
25ml watermelon liqueur or watermelon-flavoured vodka or gin
50ml white rum
10ml lime juice
Watermelon wedge, to garnish

1. Place one handful of ice and the remaining ingredients in a blender and blitz until it is smooth.
2. Place the remaining handful of ice in a glass and pour over the daiquiri mix.
3. Garnish and enjoy.

Delicious and refreshing! Watermelon can be an acquired taste for some, so feel free to switch out the watermelon and the melon liqueur for alternative fruit options. Berry daiquiris are just as delicious and contain similar ingredients. Have fun experimenting!


iced_teaIced Tea
Cucumber Mint Green Tea
Serves 9
Note: prepare a day in advance

The combination of cucumber and mint just screams ‘summer’. Not only is this drink refreshing, but it’s also hydrating which is exactly what your body needs as the weather warms. If you’re entertaining guests, garnish each drink with a slice of cucumber, a few mint leaves, or even a sprig of rosemary to make the tea visually appealing. This drink is so healthy and delicious that it could even become a new morning favourite to start each day.

1/2 cup cucumber
8 cups green tea, cooled after brewing
Juice of 2 large limes, freshly squeezed
1/4 cup mint leaves, finely chopped and muddled
Cucumber slices and sprigs of mint, to garnish

1. Peel, seed, and puree the cucumber. Place the cucumber puree in a large bowl or jug.
2. Add the green tea, lime juice, and mint leaves.
3. Cover and let chill overnight.
4. Add ice to each glass and garnish with sliced cucumber. Pour in the mixture and push a mint sprig into the ice to finish.

Ideal for social gatherings where it can be served as a non-alcoholic drink and as a mixer for sake and vodka, this refreshing iced tea is versatile. Adding a dash of sweetener – honey or simple syrup – creates a tasty option for those who find cucumber and lime too dry.

Spicy Spritzer
Serves 4

This wine spritzer packs a punch with the addition of citrus and chilli. Quick and easy for both warm and cool days, it’s a traditional spritzer with something extra. If you’re not a fan of spice, remove the seeds from the chilli to reduce the heat of this cocktail without losing the zingy flavour. Go on, be brave and give this one a go. You may surprise yourself by wanting another… and another!

2 cups ice
750 ml white wine, chardonnay is recommended
2 tbsp lemon and lime flavoured sparkling water
2 lemons, halved
1 red chilli, sliced

1. Place ice in each white wine glass until they’re 80% full.
2. Add wine to the middle of each glass and pour in a splash of lemon and lime flavoured soda
3. Squeeze the juice of each lemon piece into the glass.
4. Place two slices of chilli in each glass.
5. Swirl your drink or stir until mixed and enjoy.

Spritzers are a crowd-pleaser, especially on hot days. This spritzer with a kick is perfect for serving on social occasions. It pairs beautifully with spicy dishes and citrus-based foods.

Blueberry Ginger Mocktail
Serves 6

You don’t have to drink alcohol to enjoy a cocktail this season. Mocktail beverages taste just as delicious as their alcoholic counterparts, and this Blueberry Ginger Mocktail is no exception. While the recipe requires a little more prep than usual, the result is worth it.

1L water
1 1/4 cup fresh blueberries
1 tbsp grated ginger
4 tbsp sugar
3 handfuls ice cubes
Lemon and lime flavoured sparkling water
Mint leaves

1. Heat a pan to medium-high. Add the water, blueberries, and grated ginger. Bring to a boil.
2. Once boiling, add the sugar and stir well until dissolved.
3. Reduce heat to a simmer and mash the blueberries in the pot. Let simmer for 10 minutes.
4. Remove heat and set the mixture aside to cool. Once cooled, cover and leave it to rest at room temperature for 2.5 hours.
5. Strain the mixture into a bowl and either use immediately or chill it until ready to use.
6. Pour the syrup into each glass until 2/3 full. Add half a handful of ice to each glass.
7. Top up each glass with the lemon and lime sparkling water. Stir until well combined.
8. Garnish with mint leaves and any leftover fresh blueberries.

The best part of this recipe is that the blueberry and ginger syrup can be made in advance and stored in the fridge for later. Additionally, this syrup is a lovely gift for guests! Send them away with a small jar so that they can enjoy this delicious mocktail at home.



Strawberry Kombucha
Serves 8

A delicious, healthy summer beverage, kombucha can be made from scratch with a few simple ingredients. This strawberry kombucha is a fun variant of the standard kombucha recipe. And the perfect accompaniment to warmer weather. Making kombucha from scratch is a commitment, but one worthy of your time and energy.

1.9L kombucha starter (from a first fermentation, this is not store-bought kombucha)
½ cup strawberries, pureed

1. Transfer the kombucha starter into fermentation bottles with an 8cm gap at the top.
2. Evenly distribute the strawberry puree between the bottles and seal the bottles tightly.
3. Leave the bottles in a dark room at room temperature for around 5 days until the carbonation has reached your preferred level. Test every few days.
4. Once fermented, store in the fridge before serving. Your kombucha should last for a few weeks.

Kombucha has a range of health benefits. It’s rich in beneficial probiotics and antioxidants to aid digestion, rid your body of any toxins, and give you an energy boost just in time for the busy summer season. Customise this recipe with different berries, herbs, ginger, and fruits. Once you have successfully fermented your first batch of kombucha, the possibilities are endless!



Tropical Punch
Serves 12

Summer celebrations aren’t complete without a punch bowl filled with a delicious, fruity drink. These simple ingredients can be found at your local supermarket. Just add ice and your choice of fruit – even edible flowers. It’s easy to make and pairs perfectly with a summer BBQ.

1L ginger ale
1 cup tropical fruit juice
1 cup orange juice
1L cranberry juice
Seasonal fruit, chopped, to garnish
Edible flowers, to garnish

1. Pour the liquid ingredients into a punch bowl and mix well to combine.
2. Place the seasonal fruit beside the punch with a pair of dessert tongs for people to garnish their drink. Optionally, prepare the glasses with fruit already in them.
3. Place the edible flowers nearby for guests to scatter on top of their drink.

As soon as the weather allows it, invite guests to your garden or balcony for a bowl of punch. If you’re after an alcoholic version, simply add your favourite liquor, to taste. This mouthwatering punch tends to go quickly, but thankfully it’s easy to top up.