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Upcycling your pantry

March 03, 2022


bigstock-Waste-free-Domestic-Life-Kitc-357191630_webIt’s time to get inspired in the kitchen this summer. Having a good clear out of your kitchen cupboards is the perfect way to start getting organised for the new season.


A sustainable pantry
It’s time to get inspired in the kitchen this summer. Having a good clear out of your kitchen cupboards is the perfect way to start getting organised for the new season. Although organising and de-cluttering is a centuries-old housework task, it’s back in vogue, thanks to social media.


Organising your pantry or kitchen cupboards is a fantastic way to create a more sustainable kitchen, as well as making cooking and food preparation much easier.

Pantry organisation
There are all sorts of containers and additional shelving available for purchase to keep cupboards tidy. But there are other ways to ensure your kitchen is effortlessly neat without spending a cent!


Get creative with upcycling and reduce waste at the same time. You may already have used containers and jars around the house that can store kitchen ingredients.


A well-organised kitchen can have a positive impact on your daily life, making it easier to find what you’re looking for and helping you create shopping lists without double-ups. Not only is an organized pantry less wasteful and more efficient, but it can also save you money and time.

Keep it clean
The first step towards your upcycled pantry is cleaning. Take everything out and clean it from top to bottom. This way, you can sort through everything before it goes back in.


Bin anything past its use-by-date and consider donating any long-life goods you know you won’t use. Starting with a clean slate will also make reorganising much easier and help you take stock of exactly what you have.

Minimising waste
Making your kitchen more sustainable can be as simple as buying ingredients in bulk, reorganising your pantry, or switching to reusable food wraps. And while a perfectly organised pantry offers a sense of calm and control, it’s not all about looks. It also reduces food waste. A tidy kitchen helps prevent food from spoiling and being overlooked.


Keeping what you use most frequently within sight or in easy reach will help save money on ingredients that you might otherwise keep tucked away on the top shelf and forget about.

Sustainable equipment
Eliminating single-use plastics altogether is a significant challenge. But there are plenty of ways to reduce how much you use or throw away. Buying in bulk is a great start. Try buying a one-litre yoghurt instead of individual pots or buying larger packets of chips or pretzels then resealing the bag instead of choosing individual snack packs.


Stocking up on bulk dried foods is the easiest bulk buy trick of all. Dry foods like pasta, rice, seeds, nuts, and baking ingredients can be stored for longer periods without spoiling. It’s important to store dry ingredients carefully to ensure they keep well. Airtight containers are perfect, just make sure they’re sealed after use!

You’d be surprised at just how much can be reused or upcycled in the kitchen – your imagination is the limit! From cardboard cases, shoeboxes, and plastic takeaway containers to jam, sauce, and peanut butter jars to magazine racks and baskets. Check out op-shops or online marketplaces as a sustainable source of organisational items as well. You never know what you’ll come across.


Containers that are similar sizes or that stack well are ideal for making food more accessible. Baskets and large containers are useful for bulk packets and grouping together similar items. And boxes and old magazine racks can help keep oven trays, drink bottles, and spices in check. It helps to use your pantry and cupboard’s vertical space by stacking, adding shelving, and using the inside of doors where you can.

Reorganising your kitchen cupboards and pantry can be as simple as a seasonal clear out. With a few hours and a keen eye, you could turn messy, overflowing cupboards into a beautifully organised kitchen that you enjoy using. It’s satisfying visually and helps save time and money on groceries while reducing wasted food. The key is to get started and adjust your solutions to suit your lifestyle and kitchen habits. It’s all about making your life easier while helping the environment.