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30 Jul 2020


Breathing slowly and deeply into our belly can be instantly calming in...

08 Apr 2020
Health & Wellbeing | 4 min read

Isolation mental wellbeing

Looking after your mental wellbeing when you are in isolation.

27 Mar 2020

Pathways Awarua

Pathways Awarua is developed by the Tertiary Education Commission to s...

27 Mar 2020
Health & Wellbeing | 2 min read

Exercise at home

Keeping active while at home is important. Here are some suggestions t...

27 Mar 2020
Health & Wellbeing | 3 min read

Health & wellbeing resource library

A resource library for articles, videos, apps, podcasts, all related t...

25 Mar 2020
Health & Wellbeing | 1 min read

Staying in touch

Staying connected and in touch with friends and family is really impor...

25 Mar 2020

Virtual travel

Join us for some virtual trips from the comfort of home.

24 Mar 2020
Health & Wellbeing | 3 min read

Safe drinking

Often we can find ourselves turning to alcohol because we want to rela...

24 Mar 2020
Health & Wellbeing | 1 min read

Government information on COVID-19

This page contains the links to the official NZ and Australian governm...


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