Ryman team wellbeing

27 Mar 2020

Pathways Awarua

Pathways Awarua is developed by the Tertiary Education Commission to s...

18 Mar 2020

Ryman Academy - education by role

If you work at the village, take a look at these Ryman Academy resourc...

18 Mar 2020

Ryman Academy - eLearning

There are lots of courses in the Ryman Academy you can self-enrol in. ...

10 Mar 2020

Ryman Magazines

Ryman produces a wide range of magazine for our residents and staff. B...

10 Mar 2020

Ryman Academy - Australian operational resources

Resources for Australian villages. Please contact your assistant to th...

10 Mar 2020

Ryman Academy - public clinical courses

Course name Suggested audience COVID-19 courses HealthLearn Articulate...

10 Mar 2020

TED talks

TED Talks are a great source of learning. Here are some recommendation...

10 Mar 2020

Recommended reading

Reading books written by specialists in their field is an excellent wa...

09 Mar 2020

Netflix recommendations

Here are some staff recommendations for Netflix movies that support pe...


For more information about these resources, feel free to contact the People Development team – peopledevelopment@rymanhealthcare.com

To view the latest information about COVID-19, head to https://www.rymanhealthcare.co.nz/coronavirus-updates

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