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Safe drinking

Written by Ryman Healthcare
on March 24, 2020

Often we can find ourselves turning to alcohol because we want to relax, change the way we feel or forget about what is happening in our lives. Many of us might be feeling right now that we need a drink to get through, however it’s important to limit our alcohol intake at times like these.

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While alcohol can have a temporary positive impact on our mood, in the long term alcohol misuse can cause big problems for our mental health. It’s linked to a range of issues from depression and memory loss to suicide. To read more about the impact of alcohol on mental health click here.

Alcohol can also have a negative effect on your body’s immune response to infectious diseases, according to numerous studies. A glass of wine is fine, but repeated drinking, especially of hard liquor, or increased alcohol over days or weeks might suppress immune responses or lead to a greater susceptibility to pneumonia.

Alcohol can also have a big impact on our sleep, as it interferes with our sleep cycle and may inhibit restorative sleep.

Low-risk alcohol drinking advice for adultssafe drinkingSafe drinking limits are outlined below:

  • two standard drinks a day for women and no more than 10 standard drinks a week
  • three standard drinks a day for men and no more than 15 standard drinks a week

AND at least two alcohol-free days every week.

Reduce your risk of injury on a single occasion of drinking by drinking no more than:

  • four standard drinks for women on any single occasion
  • five standard drinks for men on any single occasion.

The above advice is based on 'standard drinks'.  A standard drink contains 10g of alcohol. A common serve or pour of an alcoholic beverage is often more than standard drink. Find out more about standard drinks

Is your drinking okay?

The Is Your Drinking Okay test can help you find out more about your level of risk from your drinking. Complete the questionnaire and it will automatically add up your score and tell you what it means.

The questionnaire is based on the World Health Organisations Alcohol Audit Screening Tool It has been designed to help people know if their drinking is putting them at risk of harm.

It’s an easy and quick way to get some feedback about your drinking and whether your drinking is harmful.

Need help to cut down or stop drinking?

If you or someone you know needs support and treatment to stop drinking or cut back, call the Alcohol Drug Helpline on 0800 787 797, visit their website, or free txt 8681 for free and confidential advice.

How to talk to someone about their drinking

If you are concerned about the amount that someone close to you is drinking and would like some tips around how to discuss this with them or get them support then click here for some helpful advice.


Podcast - Staying Sober in a Time of Crisis

Chip and Veronica go through the tools you need to stay sober during the unfolding crisis. We help listeners prioritise their mental health and sobriety so they can stay sober no matter what happens.


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