Assisted living in a serviced apartment

Independence with a little extra help


Living in the heart of the village

One in five Ryman residents lives in a serviced apartment - and it's easy to see why. You have the independence of living in your own home with help as you need it.

Enjoy the good life

Serviced apartments are in the heart of the village, with easy access to everything the village has to offer. As well as regular outings in the village van to the shops and further afield. 

Many residents say that living in a serviced apartment takes the stress out of daily life.

You can choose a home-cooked main meal every day from our Delicious menu, as well as morning and afternoon tea, in the dining room. Other services are available too. You might like to have your breakfast delivered to your apartment - it's your choice. 

Your apartment is your home

You can make your apartment your own with your favourite furniture, art, and ornaments. You'll have a kitchenette with a fridge-freezer and microwave, a separate bedroom, and a private ensuite.


Renewed confidence

Many residents say that serviced apartment living has taken the stress away and given them renewed confidence. And, as with the independent townhouses and apartments, the call-assist alarms mean help is always available at the touch of a button.

We also offer tailored packages in serviced apartments, and work alongside each resident to help them find the living option that will suit them best. That’s the beauty of serviced apartments – we can customise your preferences or needs, right down to the smallest detail. And if your health needs change or you need some time to recuperate, we can incorporate resthome-level care within a serviced apartment.

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Complimentary lunch and serviced apartment tour

Would you like to know more about serviced apartments? We invite you and a friend to join us for a complimentary gourmet lunch and tour of a serviced apartment at a Ryman village near you.

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