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Painted Glass Jar Planters

April 06, 2020

These sweet little planters are just the right size for succulents. The chalk paint used creates a rustic, textured look making them a visually interesting addition to any shelf or windowsill. 

Simply match the chalk paint colour to your home décor. In case that isn’t crafty enough, we have included instructions for a small butterfly, bird, or bee shape to hover just above your plant.



Glass jar, any size up to 500ml

Chalk paint, match the colour to your home décor


Sandpaper, fine grit

Potting soil


Hessian or ribbon and double-sided tape (optional)

Butterfly, Bird, Bee Cut-Out

Book or music pages (alternative: decorative paper)

Outline of butterfly, bird, bee or other shape

Card stock





Planter Instructions

Step 1: Paint your jar with several coats of chalk paint. Let the jar dry completely between each coat.

Step 2: Once dry, gently sand your painted jar with fine-grit sandpaper to achieve a rustic effect by removing small patches of paint.

Step 3: Attach an optional strip of hessian or ribbon around the bottom section of your jar for decoration.

Step 4: Fill the bottom of the jar with a thin layer of small stones for drainage and top up with well-draining indoor potting soil. Plant your succulent in the soil and water lightly.


Cut-Out Instructions

Step 1: Glue your book pages to the card stock and let dry.

Step 2: Trace your shape outline onto the book page surface, then trace the shape again in reverse to create a mirror image.

Step 3: Cut out each shape and glue them together with the skewer sandwiched between them. The book page design should be visible from both sides. Let dry then insert the skewer into your jar behind the succulent.

This miniature planter is sure to brighten up your home with a dash of green and rustic texture. Line up smaller jars on your windowsill for maximum effect or fill a lonely corner with a large 500ml jar. If you particularly like this rustic style, you might experiment with a larger jar that can fit several succulents in its opening.