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Written by Ryman Academy
on July 30, 2020

Having good quality sleep is the foundation of your health, wellbeing and resilience.

Getting the right amount of sleep is important to help you operate at your best. Being tired because of disturbed or shortened sleep is one of the fastest ways to reduce your ability to deal with challenges. This is also a major factor in weight gain, risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes.  

Have a look at these tips for sleep:

Waking up

  • Wake up early enough to get 20 minutes of ‘blue dawn light’
  • Force consistency into your wake up time – try not to sleep in, even on weekends!

Before bed

  • Reduce your use of phones and screen an hour prior to sleep
  • Take the time to relax your body, heart and mind before sleep – wind down your evening before going to bed
  • Keep your bedroom cool (<18 degrees), dark quiet
  • Use breathing techniques to help calm and relax yourself

A proper night’s sleep is absolutely vital to good physical and mental health. It is so fundamental to us as humans, and such a mundane, inconsequential part of our routine, that it’s easy to forget just how important and restorative it can be.


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