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Podcast #1 - Alzheimers in the family

Written by Ryman Healthcare
on April 18, 2020

Ageing for Beginners is a series of podcasts aimed at navigating all the research and advice to find the best ways to age successfully.Dr Doug Wilson is an octogenarian author, medical researcher and avid reader of the latest medical research. He knows a thing or two about ageing. He’s 82 and in his prime!

David King is a 40-something with Alzheimers Disease in the family and a pre-disposition to worrying about the future.

Follow Dave and Doug as they delve into the many hot topics, advice and questions that spring to mind as we age.

Together they plan to find the answers.

In this podcast Dave and Doug discuss dementia and the many forms that fall under this over-arching term. Alzheimers, vascular dementia and Parkinson’s disease are some of the most common forms of over 200 types of dementia.

Dave has Alzheimers disease in the family, so he asks Doug the questions that many family members find themselves thinking about when a dementia diagnosis comes to light.

From risk factors, detection, diagnosis and prevention strategies, to explaining why dementia is on the increase.

They provide some great insight into a condition where awareness, education and support make a significant impact on the progression of the disease.


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