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Book Review - Normal People

March 07, 2021


Normal People

Normal People, Sally Rooney

If the heat of summer is keeping you inside, it may be time to launch into a new novel. One with a captivating yet challenging plot. One that’s buzzing with amazing reviews and destined for a TV series.

Enter Sally Rooney’s “Normal People”, a continuation of her earlier “Conversations with People”. This story will have you questioning your place in society and the importance of it. Filled with challenges relating to feminism, social hierarchy, and prejudice, the main characters of this story battle their way through society and its social norms.

Based in Ireland, two young lovers from separate worlds uncannily stumble upon each other. Connell is a poor yet immensely popular boy at high school whose single mother works as a cleaner for an affluent family. Their wealthy, plain-looking daughter Marianne meets him when he picks his mother up from work one day.

They’re young and life and love are awkward. They’re desperately trying to discover where they fit in the grand scheme of society and struggle with how to help each other. It’s only the intensity of their young, heated passion that keeps them together as their relationship grows and encounters fresh challenges around every corner.

Amid a dramatic plot full of tension-creating he said, she said moments, these two young loves repeatedly come together and fall apart. Theirs is a journey of growing up and questioning social norms while being trapped within them. A delightful read, it’s a worthwhile exploration into the perspectives of characters you may not share a lot in common with.

You can buy the book here Time Out.


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