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Skye's Adventures: exploring retirement living

April 17, 2024

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When Bev and John contemplated their move to Ryman Northwood Village, they had one main concern - ensuring the happiness of their beloved three-year-old Cavoodle, Skye.


"Can we bring our little buddy, and will she like it?" they wondered. For Skye, the answer was a resounding yes.


"Her name was on the lease before ours," John jests, recalling Skye's first visit to the village.

Winning over the staff with her charm, she seamlessly made herself at home, curling up on their laps. Her calm and friendly nature earned the tick of approval. Now, five months on, their independent townhouse is her happy place, where she greets neighbours with a wagging tail, basks in the sun, and eagerly joins her humans in various activities.


“It was an easy transition; she’s settled in perfect,” beams John.


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Skye’s tail-wagging trails

Skye’s active lifestyle fits perfectly with the couple’s newfound freedom for adventures, thanks to Ryman taking care of the household maintenance. “We love that we have more time to enjoy our hobbies with our little buddy,” Bev shares.


Among their favourite activities is cycling, with Skye snugly secured in the front of John’s special bike basket. “We love to cycle, and we didn’t want to leave Skye behind, so we thought, why not bring her with us?” John laughs. Pedalling through Northwood’s trails, they catch plenty of amused glances as Skye enjoys the wind in her fur.


But the fun doesn’t stop there. Skye’s also part of the village walking group. "There are several walking tracks around the village, we’re finding new ones every day! It’s wonderful," shares Bev. And with dog friendly spots galore nearby, Skye’s playground extends from the village to Styx Mill Reserve, The Groynes Dog Park and beyond.


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A pawsome community: Skye’s role in the village

Skye’s not just a pet; she’s a valued member in the village community. “There’s not a person here who doesn’t like her,” remarks John proudly. She’s been particularly helpful for the residents without pets of their own. “Pets de-stress you and she’s a good therapy dog,” says John.


With excitement bubbling over, Skye's tail practically turns into a blur at the sight of Bev and John’s new friends. “We love our neighbours; we meet up with all of them, and everyone’s so helpful,” Bev shares. Some even come baring treats for Skye.



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The tight-knit community also proves a lifeline in sticky situations, like the time Bev and John’s car battery died, leaving them stranded without a ride for Skye’s grooming appointment. Luckily their neighbour, Brian, swooped in to save the day, offering them a lift in his car instead. Skye continues to strut around looking her absolute best, all thanks to Brian.


Between her adventures, the friends she’s made, and the nearby spots for exercise and play, Skye is undoubtedly living her best life at Ryman Northwood Village. For Bev and John, seeing Skye happy makes their retirement even better. “She loves the lifestyle here, so do Dad and Mum,” John says, a grin spreading across his face.


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