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Seven clever ideas for apartment living

June 15, 2023

Ryman Healthcare - Editorial Shoot 008_webNew Zealanders of all ages are increasingly discovering the advantages of apartment living. Senior Ryman interior designer Alex Armitstead has come up with seven clever ideas for apartment living which combine functionality and flair.

Essential organisation

Bookcases let you add your own personal touch with colour and can be flexible furniture pieces too. You can add rolling drawers with covers for the storage of linens, seasonal clothes and shoes. Add storage for remotes, photos and more by fitting your bookcases with baskets and tins.

Up high

Instead of using low, solid and heavy furniture in your apartment, bring in sleek, tall pieces with high legs. Longer legs on furniture helps accentuate the floor space in your apartment.

Smart art

Turn your television into art. A smart TV (one that will stream the internet) can be used to display art for free using YouTube. Let your imagination run wild - holiday images, pictures of family and friends or get creative with colours and shapes.

A room with a view

A major bonus of apartment living is the view! If you have a great view, stylise and enhance your apartment with a strategically placed mirror that will reflect the view and increase light inside.


Multi-purpose furniture

Make the most out of design pieces in your apartment by turning them into functional storage. When it’s time to put your feet up and watch TV, add a stylish Ottoman foot stool where you can stash your throws or blankets.



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Sleep in style

Replace your bed base with one that comes with handy drawers for storage. This saves you storing items underneath your bed collecting dust. Pair it with a matching headboard for style and functionality.


Create divisions

Dividing your apartment into different areas helps with organisation and creates zones without the need for physical walls. A see-through bookshelf, a screen divider or even positioning furniture a certain way are easy ways to provide that break between areas.