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Savoury comfort platter

September 20, 2021


Packed with flavour, this platter list is designed to satisfy your comfort food cravings. It’s perfect for parties, BBQ gatherings, and lazy evenings at home. Endlessly flexible, you can pick and choose anything you like from the list and create the combinations you love. But this platter has a challenge – everything hot needs to be ready at the same time. So, it’s worth pre-cooking then reheating the hot items just before building your platter.



Your base (sauces)
- tomato chutney
- sweet chilli
- hummus
- mayonnaise
- hot sauce
- ranch dressing

- mini pies (mince, cheese and onion, chicken)
- sausage rolls
- beef kebabs
- chicken wings
- pulled pork
- pork belly pieces
- meatballs
- cheerios
- samosas
- spring rolls
- mini quiches

- cherry tomatoes
- carrot sticks
- lettuce cups
- crisps (potato chips)
- roast potato pieces
- hot chips
- crackers

Splash of creativity
- Stack thinly sliced bread to create low towers on your board.

Begin with your base sauces. Pour them into dishes that are clustered on the board, just off-centre. If you’re excited to try the splash of creativity, build your low bread towers next. These towers will give you a base to build height and some visual drama. Now begin building your platter with savouries from the outside in. Create height with the sturdier items on the bottom and lighter ones stacked between. Finally, finish by using your fillers to plug every visible gap. A treat for the eyes and taste buds!

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