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Spring activities

September 01, 2020

Say goodbye to winter and hello to spring with this list of seasonally perfect activities. 


With a mix of sunny and rainy day options, we have you covered with entertainment no matter the weather. The goal? To make the most of this season. The method? Tick an activity off this list a few days each week! It’s easy to laze about following winter hibernation, so we’ve curated this list to help you get up and out instead.


1. Rise early, pack a hot thermos, and drive to a beautiful sunrise viewing spot

2. Pack a fresh fruit and cheese picnic plus a frisbee for a relaxing park outing
3. Visit a locally owned café with a friend and order slooowly to drag time out
4. Gather your friends and form a walking group to explore a new walk each week
5. Visit a local farmers’ market and fill the fridge with seasonal produce and treats
6. Volunteer for a local charity whose work you’ve always felt was important
7. Take a rejuvenating yoga class where you’ll slow down, breathe, and stretch
8. Cook a special brunch with all your favourites – fresh juice and pancakes, anyone?
9. Pick some gorgeous spring flowers for a friend and tie them with a chunky bow
10. Take 30 minutes for yourself to do something you enjoy each and every week
11. Rent a new book from a public library or buy a book from a local bookstore
12. Plant a batch of colourful flowers in a stylishly painted pot to enjoy each day
13. If you wake early, start the day with a brisk morning walk in the fresh spring air
14. Decorate the rooms in your house with freshly picked daffodils or rhododendrons
15. Craft a batch of uniquely decorated birthday cards to gift during the coming year
16. Visit a scenic spot and try your hand at sketching or painting the landscape
17. Go mural hunting in your nearest town centre for the most inspiring street art
18. Join the sideline at a local sports game and enjoy the community atmosphere
19. Hop on a bike and take yourself on a coffee or tea tour of your local cafés
20. Visit the beach for a fresh air walk to discover rock pools and spot sea life