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Spoil a Mum this Mother’s Day

May 04, 2020

Spoil a Mum this Mother’s Day

Spend this Mother’s Day showing a mum you love how much you appreciate her. She might be your mum, grandmother, daughter, niece, a friendly neighbour – she might be you! She might live in your house or call another town or country home. Mother’s Day is your chance to say ‘thank you for the love’, wherever she may be.

It might not be possible to visit a café together this year or hug each other. Instead, let’s get creative with how we show the mums we love our appreciation this Mother’s Day.

A floral bouquet

It might be wrapped by you and dropped in her letterbox, or it might be crafted and delivered by a professional florist. She’ll love it either way. Take a moment to think about which flowers or greens are her favourites. For the nature-loving mum, consider snipping some herbs from the garden to make an edible posy. An autumn-loving mum might enjoy a glass vase filled with gold, orange, and red leaves and tied with a bow.

Goodie hamper

A hamper filled with customised treats is a delightful way to combine her favourite things into a box of joy! You could purchase a delivery hamper online that matches her preferences: décor, food, drink, cheese, sweets. Alternatively, you could make the hamper yourself! Purchase the ingredients separately and arrange them in a small cardboard box wrapped with a bow. A winter-themed hamper might include wine, chocolate, woollen socks, and a cosy throw.

Audiobook membership

Audible books are perfect for mums. They can be listened to in the car, at the gym, while relaxing on the couch – anywhere! Consider a membership to an audiobook provider. This would give her access to a vast range of audible books and podcasts covering all sorts of topics.

Party at a distance with Netflix

Give the gift of relaxation and plan a Netflix party. Using a Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party, people can watch a movie or show together while in separate homes. There’s even a group chat function so that viewers can chat while watching without disrupting others at the party. Prepare in advance by delivering her movie treats to be enjoyed while watching.

Virtual dinner date

Nothing is stopping you from sharing a virtual dinner date to celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s as simple as setting up a FaceTime call and each cooking the same meal. Or, if you live in the same town, pre-cook and deliver the meal to her in advance of your dinner date. Set the scene with a lovely tablecloth and cutlery where the camera is set up to let her know that you put in the same effort you would if she were there.

5-star takeaways

If you live with the mum you’re celebrating, set up the ultimate night off cooking. Skip the usual takeaway options and contact her favourite restaurant to see if they deliver. All that’s left to do is set up the dining table as if it were a 5-star restaurant. Tablecloth, serviettes, wine and water glasses, condiment dishes, and platters for the delivered dinner to sit on. Complete the scene with fancy evening attire and background music.

Video call

If you’re separated from a mum you love, arrange a video call to say hello. Better yet, surprise her with a homemade banner hanging in the background! If you have others in your household, gather the whole crew or invite others to join the video call from afar for a group call that will make her feel loved and appreciated.

Future fun

Looking forward to the future and planning ahead are great ways to beat the winter blues and brighten up another day spent at home. Gift a mum you love future plans to get her excited about what’s to come. Perhaps tickets to a movie of her choice, an outing to the botanical gardens to watch the ducks, a visit to her favourite café, or just time together catching up.


Photo by Carrie Beth Williams on Unsplash