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Seed Hedgehog

August 03, 2020

This hedgehog craft is a great way to add some seasonal décor to your home. It’s also a fun one to create with the grandkids over a video call.


Hedgehog spikes: Sunflower seeds, in their shells Hedgehog body: Modelling clay, 3 small seeds for eyes and nose

Hedgehog home: Large autumn leaves, card, mod podge (alternative: small pinecones, seed pods, and acorns).

1. Form a teardrop shape with the modelling clay to create the body.
2. Leaving space for the hedgehog’s face, stick sunflower seeds closely together all over the top, back, and sides.
3. Stick the 3 small seeds in position to create 2 eyes and a nose.
4. Set your hedgehog aside to dry for 72 hours.
5. Give your hedgehog a home by placing autumn leaves on the card and coating them with mod podge. Let dry between layers.
6. Once dry, cut the card to the shape of the leaf and assemble the leaves in a rough pile.

If you don’t have autumn leaves: Cluster small pinecones, walnuts, seed pods, and acorns to create a cosy home. Next, give your hedgehog a name. (Sorry, Mr Snuffles is taken!) Then make a few more hedgehogs and give your neighbours a treat by positioning them on a street-facing windowsill.