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Pay it forward craft ideas

July 22, 2020

A single act of generosity can cause a chain reaction of positivity. And it’s easy to do! Let someone with fewer items go first at the supermarket. Smile at a passer-by.

Pay for a stranger’s coffee. Often, the other person will be grateful and help someone else in turn – in no time at all your small act of kindness will have travelled the world! It’s true, a little goes a long way.

We all need a mood lift from time to time. Seeing an upbeat message is sometimes all it takes to summon a smile and brighten a gloomy day. Try this fun craft for a gift that keeps on giving.



• Plant pot
• Paint
• Permanent marker Indoor plant & potting mix
• Thick card
• Scissors
• Wooden skewer
• Tape

1. Paint the pot with colours that suit the recipient’s décor and let dry. Write a large, positive message on the pot with the marker.
2. Pot the plant using indoor potting mix
and water lightly.
3. Cut a rectangle from the card and write ‘For You’ on it. Attach the card to the skewer and press the skewer into the potting mix. Gift to a friend!

Give someone you care about a sweet gift to boost their confidence and have them smiling from ear to ear. Here’s a box of hearts to make someone’s day – every day!

• Tissue box, empty
• Wrapping paper
• Pen
• Tape
• Scissors
• Paper
• Gift tag

1. Remove the plastic lip from the tissue box.
2. Wrap the box, leaving a little excess around the box opening to fold inside for a clean finish. Tape into place.
3. Cut the paper into 1 gift tag and 25 heart shapes. Write an uplifting message on each heart and place them in the box.
4. Write “Pull a heart for a pick-me-up!” on the gift tag and give the box to someone you care about.


Photo by Brian Ritchie on Unsplash