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DIY bird feeder

August 13, 2020

Attracting birds to your backyard is made easy with this fruit spiral bird feeder. Be patient if the birds don’t dive in straight away. In time they’ll trust the food and might even visit regularly.


Position your feeder near a window during winter so you can stay warm inside as the bird’s flit and flutter in view.

• Fruit (native birds love berries, oranges, apples, plums, pears, and peaches)
• Metal wire approx. 1-1.5m long (thick enough to support the weight of birds and fruit pieces)
• Pliers (optional)
• Gloves (optional)

Manipulate the wire into a loose spiral shape approx. 65cm tall. If you’re expecting larger birds like Tui you’ll need a strong wire and might need pliers and gloves to bend it.

Leave some spare wire at the top and bend this into a loop, then thread twine through the loop to create a hanger.

Cut fruit into halves or quarters and thread pieces onto the spiral. A bit like a giant bird kebab! Leave some wire between the fruit for the birds to perch.

Hang the feeder off a tree branch, structure, or eave and replenish the fruit when necessary.

Watching birds play, flutter, and call to each other will brighten any chilly winter day. Offering a wellbeing boost, birds encourage us to take time out of our day to be still and appreciate nature.