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A sprig of this, a sprinkle of that

December 14, 2023


Could your risotto use a sprig of parsley? Are your homemade cocktails looking plain? There are plenty of benefits to growing garnishes at home on your balcony or patio.

Nothing completes a dish or drink quite like a garnish. Fruit, berries, herbs, take your pick. Every dish and cocktail has an ideal accompaniment in the plant world.


Plant them close to hand

Balconies, windowsills, and benchtops are tailor-made for growing garnishes. They’re generally sunny but sheltered, giving your little sprouts the best chance. And they’re often close to the kitchen. Which is right where we want them because garnishes easily become an afterthought when positioned out of sight.


Not only do garnishes look and taste delicious, they also smell divine. Thyme offers a beautiful aroma when rubbed, and a lazy hand brushing through lavender as you pass will release a calming scented cloud.


Know your pots

When planting your garnishes, note that most potted plants prefer soil that drains well to
avoid root rot. This means that they dry out quickly, so be prepared to water your pot plants regularly. They also prefer a nutrient-rich potting mix. You pay for quality when it comes to potting mix, so research the ingredients before settling for a bargain.


Know your pot material. Terracotta is porous while glazed pots are less porous and hold more moisture. Wooden planters offer moisture with breathability and plastic pots keep plants moist longest. Whichever pot you choose, make sure it has drainage holes.



Try these popular pairings


Parsley - perfect in pastas

Thyme - sprinkle over venison dishes

Spring onions - create flavour-filled fish

Microgreens - mix in a salad

Rosemary - add flavour to rum

Basil - great with roast tomatoes

Lime - for zesty Margaritas

Lemon - a staple for gin lovers

Strawberry - fruity fun in champagne

Mint - magic in a a mojito