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All the upsides of village life

Written by Ryman Healthcare
on April 15, 2021

As the years pass, daily life can feel a little tiring and keeping up with everything can be frustrating. Getting out and about might have become tricky, you might develop health issues, or your lawn and garden suddenly look enormous. Choosing the lifestyle of a retirement village can remove all that stress! However, for some people, a retirement village simply doesn’t feel like something they’d enjoy—then they visit a Ryman village and they’re surprised at how fun, easy and relaxed the lifestyle is. In quality, community-focused villages like ours, there’s a good balance of independence and support. You live independently in your own home, but reap the benefits of a close, supportive community, with the option to join organised activities and outings, fabulous amenities, and that all-important security.

It's still your home, your personal space

Moving to a village doesn’t mean giving up your treasures or your sense of style. Whether you choose independent living or a serviced apartment, you can make the space your own. Hang your favourite pictures, add that beautiful rug, bring your collection of carved elephants – it’s about making your new place feel like home. At Ryman villages, you can also share your space with others. That might mean bringing a beloved pet along, inviting friends over, or having the grandkids stay for the weekend.

Safe, secure, peaceful

We understand, security and safety are important. You might worry about security while you’re travelling or, even worse, while you’re at home. And sometimes noisy neighbours and door-knocking salespeople can be disruptive. Living alone, those things can be stressful. But living in a village you and your family will enjoy security and peace of mind. Surrounded by people you know and trust, with staff on-site 24/7, there’s always someone looking out for your property. Ryman townhouses and apartments are designed to be secure, so you feel safe when you’re at home, and feel comfortable leaving for a holiday.

Care that changes with you

You can adjust your living options as your health and abilities change. Living independently means you still cook and clean for yourself, but we take care of the heavier chores, like gardening, window cleaning and exterior maintenance. And if you ever need more support, assisted living in a serviced apartment could be just what you need. If, down the track, you need round-the-clock care, Ryman villages have on-site care centres, including rest home and, in most villages, hospital and specialist dementia care. The best part? Because all care levels are provided in one place, it’s easy to move from one to another as your needs change. Continuity of care means that rather than making major decisions during or just after a health crisis or major life change, you’ll have priority access to the level of care you need. That means you can stay in the community you already know and near the people you love. And if you and your partner are at different stages of health, you’ll both get the care you need in the same village, by our team of care staff.

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