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The benefits of assisted living are limitless at William Sanders

Written by Sieska Conyngham
on May 23, 2022

Serviced apartment resident Vic loves life in his serviced apartment at William Sanders Village in Devonport.

Being one of the first residents to move in, he says it’s perfect for him and his needs.

“I bought it off the plans and lived at Bert Sutcliffe Village in Birkenhead for a while, while it was still being finished off.

“I quite like living here, it looks out over the reception, and I can see what’s going on.”

William Sanders is perfect for Vic, who is a part of the village Craft Group.

“I like to make carpets. I buy the wool and the mats from craft shops and make them in my apartment.

It takes Vic about 50 minutes to stitch one line.

“I started making them back when my daughter was in high school, however, I have made a lot of them since moving into the village.”

While Vic gives most of his carpets to friends and family, he has also given one to Ryman, to raffle off for prostate cancer.

“I’ve made carpets with old vintage cars on them, I’ve made ones with flowers, multicoloured ones too.”

While the cost of wool for a single carpet can sometimes fetch over $200, that doesn’t deter Vic, who finds it rewarding to make something to give to people.

“I try and find wool in the clearance bins and wait till it’s on special too.”

And while Vic makes his carpets, he has all the help he needs on his serviced apartment doorstep.

“I like getting my sheets changed and a cooked meal once a day. The housework is done, including my bins and I get fresh towels every day too.

“Also, my daughter lives two streets away, it’s very handy for me living here.

“I know lots of people too. There are a lot of people here that have lived most of their lives in Devonport.”

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