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Opposite's parade - a poem

Written by Ryman Healthcare
on May 11, 2020

“Whatever did the neighbours think?”
I wondered all day long.

The only thing that seemed normal
Was a burst of joyful song.
But even this was different,
As the crowd around the lawn
Serenaded all the staff
Who’d been working hard since dawn.

Just put that over to one side
And ponder this instead –
The residents all looked different, too;
Had something gone to their head?
Their outfits all looked really posh,
They’d gone to a lot of trouble
To bring out all their glad-rags
And do justice to their bubble.

But this is where things got confused
And would worry any mercer;
For the men were dressed as women
And the women all vice versa.
Drag queens with their tresses,
High heels and lipstick bright,
And slinky, sexy dresses –
Guess they’d be okay at night!

The women on the other hand
Could not have been more dapper.

How could they ever go out
With a partner who looks like a flapper?
What if the neighbours think we’re all nutters?
Quite frankly, I don’t give a darn.

What we do here is our own jolly business,
As long as we come to no harm!

Murray S. Lennox
Ryman village resident

Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash


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