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Jan’s pertinent poem goes viral

Written by Maryvonne Gray
on March 31, 2020

When Logan Campbell resident Jan Beaumont decided to put pen to paper and wax lyrical about the effects of the coronavirus lockdown, she had no idea her creative efforts would themselves go viral!

Three days after posting it on her facebook page, Jan’s poem had racked up 1,400 shares and more than 500 comments on her page alone.

The normally very social resident at Ryman Healthcare’s Greenlane retirement village says she had been feeling a bit bored on Saturday so she grabbed a pen and wrote a poem.

“It took me all of 20 minutes,” she says incredulously. “It was just something to pass the time really and to give my friends a giggle and now it’s gone to the UK, Canada, South Africa, America, Australia…and that’s just on my page!”

The poem describes what it’s like to be one of the ‘oldies’ staying behind closed doors because of the virus, before proceeding to list some of the mischievous hijinks from her youth.

Jan continues her poetic prose by revealing her attempts to pass the time since lockdown started.

“It didn’t really bother me, I’d while away the hour. I’d bake for all the family, but I’ve got no bloody flour!”

Like many, Jan has turned to ‘gutsy thrillers’ on Netflix where she admits to ‘swooning over Idris’ [Elba].

Jan’s daughter Belinda thought the poem was so good she sent it to Ryman where it has notched a further 40 shares and 37 comments.

Says Jan: “She’s also posted it and tagged Idris Elba as well!! Wouldn’t it be amazing if he replied?”

The 13-verse poem has clearly resonated with the online community, many of whom found it very relatable and a real pick-me-up in what is a stressful, anxious time.
Comments included ‘So true to our generation’, ‘it’s given me a lift for the day’, ‘it says it all for all of us’, and ‘a great poem for us ladies that grew up in the 60s and 70s.’

Jan says she has a few other works up her sleeve which she will save for the future.

In the meantime she has been fielding requests.

“Now I’ve been asked to do one for the men!” she laughed.

Update: The poem has now reached 2,500 shares. You can read it here.

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