Doing our best for future generations

    At Ryman Healthcare we know that caring for the environment is important to our residents and our team. They want to make sure we’re doing our absolute best for the generations to come.

    Ryman is a Toitū ‘carbonreduce’ certified organisation in line with ISO 14064-1 – we’ve measured our organisation’s carbon footprint and have developed an emissions management and reduction plan. As a part of our Toitū certification, we’re audited each year on our carbon-emissions performance so that we can measure our progress against our emission-reduction targets. Ryman is serious about making progress, and committing to the Toitū ‘carbonreduce’ programme ensures that we mean business.

    We are also part of Air New Zealand’s ‘FlyNeutral’ programme, which allows us to offset the carbon impact of our air travel and make a positive contribution to regional sustainability, and Ryman Healthcare is a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council.




    Energy-efficient and low carbon-impact

    Sustainability at Ryman operates under an overarching Sustainability Framework, which is aligned with key United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

    We have also adopted a set of Principles of Sustainable Design, which reflect our desire to build the most energy-efficient and low carbon-impact buildings we can while still meeting the needs of our residents.


    Sustainability framework

    Our vision: To become a leader in the areas of sustainability and environmental awareness within the Aged Care sector

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    Sustainable design

    Our Objective: To maximise, as far as practicable, the use of sustainable design principles into our architectural design processes

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    Integrated team approach

    Taking an integrated team approach, Ryman has developed a range of sustainability-focussed initiatives and measures to cut back on our environmental impact, including reducing our energy consumption and landfill waste, introducing our first fleet of electric cars along with a fast charging network for our residents, improved water management, transitioning our company vehicles to hybrid alternatives and disposing of surplus items in an sustainable manner.

    Our residents are keen to help in any way they can. We have resident teams doing their bit, such as producing rodent and possum traps for the Department of Conservation which help in the campaign to make New Zealand predator-free. Our residents want to make sure we operate in a way that will leave the earth in good shape for their grandchildren and the generations to follow.

    Ryman’s business partners are also important factor in everything we do, and we are regularly talking to them about the measures they can take to help us become more sustainable.

    To coordinate our sustainability activities, a multi-disciplinary Sustainability Leadership Team, which includes representatives from across Ryman, meets every month to develop initiatives and report on progress.
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    Sustainability initiatives

    Our objective: To support Ryman’s overall sustainability strategy through proactive and focused sustainability initiatives.

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    Sustainability news