New experiences every day 

Norman seeks out new experiences every day. 

From chatting with friends over village activities to social events with his eight children. Norman’s never short of new experiences.

He attends Chinese New Year, the August Moon Festival, birthdays, and social events. “Any excuse to celebrate,” says Norman’s daughter Joyce with a smile.

It’s no surprise that since moving to Ryman’s Logan Campbell Village three years ago, Norman has become a notable personality. He even has a trademark – gifting fruit to the friendly carers and nurses.

“It's a gift from the heart and it gives him so much joy that they receive it gracefully and appreciate it.”

When Norman first visited Logan Campbell Village for a tour of the care centre, his eyes popped at everything available. He particularly enjoys the social activities with other residents, which he says he’d never have been able to take part in before.

His family feel confident and reassured that Norman is receiving the care he needs, while being happy and well looked after within the village. “We are so pleased that he’s happy here and that's all that matters to us – that he's happy and he knows that he's in the best place. It’s a huge bonus. It gives us peace of mind,” says Joyce. And it’s the personal nature of the care centre team that makes the difference. “He loves the nurses, and the nurses love him.”

Navjot, one of Norman’s carers, enjoys his enthusiasm for seeking out new experiences. “What I like about Norman is that he’s curious. He wants to know about my background and shares his too.”

Norman enriches every day for himself and those around him. He forms friendships, embraces new experiences, and celebrates with his family. That is Norman’s measure of a full life.


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