Casting lines and spinning yarns 

Neil has fished for as long as he can remember. A life member of the Auckland Freshwater Anglers Club, he spent 13 years representing Aotearoa around the world with the New Zealand Fly Fishing Team. “I’ve been fishing all my life. It’s just one of those things I’ve always liked. I’ll carry on doing it, and long may it continue.” 

Unsurprisingly, Neil spends his time out of the water crafting rods and flies in his spare bedroom slash workshop at Ryman’s Bruce McLaren Village. Having watched the village be built down the road, he thought, “That’s it, I’m going down there. Quite honestly, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.” 

An experienced fishing guide, Neil shares his love of fly fishing with his new mate and village neighbour, David. While they met in the village, the pair are often mistaken for lifelong friends. Like Neil, David has always been an active person. But significant medical events prompted him to think about the future. “I wanted to live somewhere secure and stress-free, so if anything happened to me my wife would have companionship and not too many worries.” 

David’s relaxed village lifestyle has given him time to adopt new hobbies. He plays golf and table tennis and has even taken up paddle boarding. And of course, fly fishing with Neil. “I’m very much a beginner,” laughs David. “Neil is teaching me a few things and I can see why he’s hooked.” 

Neil and David can be found outdoors. New mates and village neighbours, they’re often spotted wading rivers in search of the ‘catch of the day’. That is Neil and David’s measure of a full life.

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