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Keri isn’t the type of person to sit on the side lines, so it comes as no surprise that her retirement is anything but a side-line lifestyle.

According to Keri, our passions are something we should continue pursuing no matter how old we are.

Keri’s passion is dancing, “I’ve always danced and been involved in shows. I don’t want to just sit down and forget about all that no matter how old I am.”

That’s exactly the lifestyle she continues to lead at Ryman’s Miriam Corban Village in Auckland. Outside the village, Keri continues teaching dance, preparing her students for dance exams which she conducts once a year. Inside the village, she’s keen to share her love of dance by planning a village variety concert and getting everyone involved.

“I want to get some action going,” she says.

When she’s not dancing, Keri also finds joy in the new friendships she’s formed at the village. She feels that the support and camaraderie have brought her a lot of happiness, “If I’m feeling like I want some company, I just walk over to Kay’s and say, ‘come on, let’s go get a coffee’.”

With the village being conveniently located at a middle distance between Keri’s two sons, there’s always time for family. Monday and Wednesday afternoons are reserved for picking the grandkids up from school. They enjoy walking to the local park and the pet shop is always a thrill. During netball season the courts are only a short walk up the road; the village has proved to be super convenient.

Dancing, friendship, family; Keri has ensured that these aspects remain central to her lifestyle. No matter her address or how old she is, Keri’s life will only get richer because she prioritises what makes her happy. That is Keri’s measure of a full life.

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