After school pick ups 

Bill Hearn’s always on the go. He’s a volunteer, (impromptu) standup comedian, and Pop.

It’s important to Bill that he lives near the hustle and bustle of his family. Especially his grandkids. Although their motivation for visiting is questionable… “We’re just down the street from him, so we can walk up and visit Pop any time we want to. And we get to eat all his lollies!” Bill chuckles that “what happens in the apartment stays in the apartment.”

The kids and Bill are often seen around Ryman’s Weary Dunlop Village playing pool, swimming, visiting the library, and getting involved in village activities. And when family isn’t visiting, Bill has a full social calendar.

A regular presence at happy hour, Bill provides standup comedy with his ‘Pop jokes’. “Happy hour at Weary Dunlop is fantastic. People go for the social interaction and that's so important. There’s something for everyone.”

When he’s not socialising at home, Bill can be found volunteering for a programme that supports underpriveledged kids. He’s grateful to live close enough to provide them with the service he always has. “I’m a volunteer with very special kids, which I’ve got a particular passion for. I’ve been doing that for over 25 years. Ryman provide all the necessities, which frees me up to do the things I enjoy the most.”

And when rest is in order? Bill says the garden view can’t be beat. Which is even more enjoyable because he doesn’t have to tend to the weeds!

Bill has time to do the things he enjoys the most. He’s a passionate volunteer, local comedian at happy hour, and Pop – keeper of the lolly jar. That is Bill’s measure of a full life.


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