Dora is safe and happy at Ryman. It’s a weight
off daughter Vanessa’s mind.


"She’s so relaxed and confident now. And she has so many activities to go to because she’s never in her room when I try to ring her."

- Vanessa, Dora’s daughter


Dora is thriving in her vibrant village community. She can be found playing bowls, crafting with friends, tapping her feet to music at Happy Hour, and jumping on the village bus for an outing. “I love living here because I’m free.”

Vanessa has seen a positive change in her mother Dora since she and Vanessa’s late father moved to Ryman’s Logan Campbell Village. “She’s so relaxed and confident now. And she has so many activities to go to because she’s never in her room when I try to ring her,” laughs Vanessa.

From the beginning, Vanessa could relax. “It was easy to move in. The carers just took over, they helped them unpack. It was such an easy transition.” Then when Vanessa’s father fell ill, she was reassured that both her parents were well taken care of. “They just moved them up to the hospital wing and they got a lot more help and care.”

A resident in the village’s rest home, Dora recalls the loss of her beloved late husband Stanley. “It has been easier to carry on with Ryman doing all the worrying for me.”

And Vanessa was relieved to be able to lean on the Ryman team. “When Dad passed, Ryman made it easy for me because I had no idea what to do. That was a big weight off my mind.”

With her infectious laugh and bubbly personality, Dora attracts many visitors. From bowling buddies seeking a rematch to her great-grandchildren and Ryman caregivers popping in for a chat. Knowing that Dora is safe and surrounded by people who care for her like family is what gives Vanessa peace of mind. “The staff are so good, they’re so loving. They’re just like family.”

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