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Jane Mander Retirement Village - Horse Riding

Two of our residents here in Dementia care expressed a wish to go horse riding again, so as part of our Spice of Life programme we made that wish a reality and took a trip out to the country.

To just be around the horses was a magical moment for Rex Webb and June Melgers but their excitement peaked when we saddled up the horse and told them they were going to ride.

June, a country bred gal, sat on the horse and immediately dropped one arm and rode country, cattle mustering style, Rex on the other hand after stretching out some long dormant ‘bum’ muscles sat bolt upright in a show jumping, rodeo style, a stance he learned through years of rodeo and gymkhana.

After riding they were able to spend time grooming and patting the horses. The smiles on their face were from ear to ear for the rest of the day, with both declaring it was the best day they’d had.

JM Horseriding 1jpgJM Horseriding 1


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