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Main_photo_wide_300x370JM_JUNE_18.pngElla flies high at 104!

Parasailing adventurer proves age is no limit.

How do you top parasailing for a 104thbirthday adventure?

Jane Mander rest home resident Ella Bayes has now ticked off the adrenalin activity from her bucket list to celebrate turning 104 on the 8thMay.

The exciting event proved to be the pinnacle in terms of attention generated after three previous trips taking village residents to Paihia in the Bay of Islands since January this year.

About a dozen of her fellow residents and a handful of family members, including daughter Lynda Brown, joined Ella on the outing to watch what many believe could be a New Zealand parasailing record.

“It was wonderful,” said Ella after landing back on the boat.

“I loved it, and I’d do it again!”

Jazz, Ella and Lynda hold hands as they prepare for take off.

And up they go!

The trip was taken with Flying Kiwi Parasail and involves being harnessed to a parachute which is then flown behind a boat up to a maximum length of 400 metres and up to 300 metres high.

Lynda, who joined Ella up in the air along with Jane Mander activities coordinator Jazz Phillips, said her mum had expected it to be a lot bumpier up there.

When asked if she would have liked it to have been a bit bumpier though, Ella proved even she had limits to the excitement she liked to experience, answering with a definitive: “No!”

Ella is no stranger to adventure – she has already been hot air ballooning and went gliding in Byron Bay, Australia for her 95thbirthday.

Lynda said her Mum was a great inspiration for people to try new things.

“Just because you’re old it doesn’t mean you can’t still get out there and have fun,” she said.

However, Lynda admitted when Jazz initially posed the challenge for Ella she was hesitant.

“I thought she had flipped her lid!” she laughed. “But that was before I really knew what it entailed and after we had a big family meeting about it we all agreed Mum should go for it.”

Ella, Lynda and Jazz were interviewed by the Northern Advocate and also TV3 which added to the excitement of the day, with Jazz and fellow activities coordinator Coralie Vine being responsible for the parasailing bug catching on at Jane Mander in the first place.

Jazz had everyone laughing when she was asked what was being planned for the 105thbirthday.

“Well, there’s been talk of getting a tattoo….!” she said.

While a flying kiwi tattoo would be very apt we’ll just have to wait until next year to find out!

After Ella’s trip, five more Jane Mander residents took to the skies on a second boat outing.

Baby of the group Helen Wilkinson (73) went up with another lady who had joined the residents on the boat, followed by Dorothy West (100) and Dulcie Harpur (87) who were taking their second parasailing trip, and then Brenda Bradley (84) and Rosalie Beazley (83).

Brenda’s son Chris and his wife Christine joined her on the boat to help her celebrate an early ​birthday present, as she was turning 85 four days later.

“When she told me what she was doing I thought it was brilliant. I was all for it!” he said.

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