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Annah Stretton Fashion Show

Join us for a fun-filled hour with Annah and her team as they speak to us about Annah’s story of success, her charity RAW, and a showcase of her clothing collection with styling tips to help revitalise your signature style! This is being held on Tuesday 9 July. Please phone Lynda on 387 7625 for more information.

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Language Week

Independent apartment and serviced apartment residents had so much fun during Language Week.

Residents learned greetings from 15 different languages, including New Zealand Sign Language. Other languages included some that are prominent in our village, and some not so common.

A favourite to learn was Sign Language. We covered the alphabet, some common phrases including “hello”, and residents learned how to say their name.

We decided to have residents put their language learnings to the test; they were challenged to spell out our village name!

We had great fun spelling out Rita Angus, with lots of laughter as we all gave it our best shot.


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