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Malvina Major Kindness Award Winner


Malvina Major kindness award winner Fiona Glasse pictured with the colleagues who nominated her.
From left to right: Sue Spittal, Fiona Glasse and Alisa Logo.

Fiona Glasse believes a smile can light up a room, and she's been using hers to try and light up a whole retirement village for the past five years.

The activities co-ordinator at Malvina Major loves her job which involves spending her days keeping residents engaged, happy and healthy.

The team at Malvina Major has a whole lot of activities lined up to keep residents engaged and Fiona's favourite is reading the newspaper because it inevitably sparks a response from residents.

"It is really interactive, they usually have a story to tell or an opinion to share. It brings out a whole lot of other stories.''

Her colleagues nominated her for the Kindness award because of her smile, her happy personality and the fact she never gets offside with anyone.

She says she thinks kindness comes from within.

"I think kindness is really about treating people as you'd like to be treated yourself.''

"It is about smiling, taking time to listen and understanding what their needs are. Smiling for me is really important. People really love to see a smiling face and a smile can light up a whole room.''

She says the toughest days are when things don't go quite according to plan, but then a smile or a kind word from a resident can turn it all around.

"I went on an outing yesterday and when the residents got back everyone said it was a great day. That meant a lot, it is the little kind things that make it all worth it.''

She was a surprised winner.

"When Simon called on a Sunday night I knew who he was but I had no idea why he'd be calling me. I was really, really surprised.''

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