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Royal Afternoon Tea

On Monday the 7th June we observed the Queen's birthday so on the sunny Wednesday following we celebrated at Malvina by holding a royal afternoon tea with very special guests Queen Elizabeth and a dear friend and companion called Margaret.

The lounge in the Hospital was full of visitors from the Rest Home and the Serviced Apartments to swell the crowd and wish her majesty well. Her majesty walked into the room greeted with claps and cheers and was then seated at the head of the room.

Hard work and lifetime achievements were acknowledged by special awards for "art, community service to the Guides, resident poet, knitting and craft work, investment in Cadbury's chocolates, music."

Once the awards were announced and aknowledged visitors were invited to chat to the Queen and Margaret, remembering the royal protocol. As the room was buzzing there was a frantic pace to fill up the china cups and serve tea and cakes.

Everyone settled into a cheerful sing-a-long until Her Majesty had to take her leave. She was escorted out amidst cheers and claps with hand shaking and a right royal wave.

A lovely fun afternoon tea.


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