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Malvina Major Retirement Village ANZAC Memorial Service

We had a great ANZAC Memorial Service on ANZAC Day. A large crowd gathered in the afternoon for remembrance and tributes. A resident Ronnie read the Scripture reading: Psalm 25:16-21. Two other residents Peggy and Michael shared memories of their own experiences and recollections taking us with them into their loves and those of others in that time frame.

Another resident Euna placed a wreath from Malvina Major our guest speaker Squadron Leader Bret Hopley placed a wreath gifted to the residents of Malvina Major.

After a moving service the residents and guests enjoyed an afternoon tea together with freshly made ANZAC biscuits. A group of Apartment residents the “Figaro Variety Group” entertained for an hour with rousing nostalgic songs which was followed by a well earned drink for all.

A busy afternoon filled with misty eyes, joy and laughter.


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