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90's Celebrations

Malvina Major has 90 residents close to or over 90.

Monday 22 May resident approaching 90 years of age, or who had just had their birthdays or residents that had already turned 90 years of age were all invited to a special morning tea in the atrium.

Bronwyn Barry took the residents on a trip down memory lane having a look back at the advances of the past 40 years and the key events that shaped our history. A time to reflect on the most popular names of the era, the mobilisation of woman into the workforce.  Where the majority of our residents grew up country verse urban upbringing.

The Polio epidemic, Mount Ruapehu eruption, the Tangiwai Rail disaster. The opening of the Auckland Harbour Bridge and many others.

It was a great morning and it was wonderful to see some of our residents back from Bob Scott to join in the event they included Evelyn Smithers, Alton Angel and Helen Hay.

Philip and Jean Liner

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