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Beer tasting at Tuatara Brewery

Look who we found! Our gentlemen managed to catch the attention of Nathan Guy our local MP. The last time we had seen Nathan was at the grand opening of our village. He did very well and recognized us from the event.

Nathan appeared to enjoy the onslaught of attention so we welcomed him to join our group, the gentlemen enjoyed themselves immensely while having a small glass of beer with him.

Getting out for occasions like this is absolutely taken for granted by many, as too with our gentlemen photographed here.

The afternoon gathering was at the Tuatara Brewery in Paraparaumu, we were having a beer tasting experience delighted with some of refreshing tastes which sharpened the taste buds.

Now a closely connected group (though living in different areas of the care centre) the men folk really look forward to the regular outings with their friends.

 Mens outing

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