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Our activities and lifestyle programme caters for a wide range of interests.

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Our award-winning Triple A exercise programme for all levels of fitness

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Meet our dear Placy

Placey and daughter Ann web

Placy is a beloved resident in our Retirement Village Charles Fleming. Recently a group of us decided to go on an outing to Waikanae Beach. The day was stunning, the springtime in the air and in every blooming flower, yet no one was as radiant as Placy. Her eyes open wide from the moment she started recognising the familiar neighbourhood. With a smile she captured us in a compelling reminiscent moment. She told us she used to live in Waikanae Beach and that she used to go for a white latte to the very same Cafe we were visiting on Tutere Street. Her joy was so vibrant; we all started giving a wide big smile just like hers. When we arrived back to the Village, her contagious good mood was renewed by the visit of her daughter Ann, to whom she told all about our outing in detail. Her smile just continued inspiring us. Thank you Placy for sharing with us such joy!

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