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 Bob Owens Retirement Village - Annual children's party

The sky was full of grey rain clouds when all of a sudden, out came the sun and the party began. Stationed at the super heroes bouncy castle was Tinker Bell, much to the delight of all the girls. The Harley Davidson arrived and along with it the queues of children wanting a ride! The two oldest in the line were Bob Owens residents. These brave ladies set out to show the world you are never too old for a bike ride; one was eighty five and the other eighty seven years young!

The old fashioned games, run by Mini Mouse and Ali, were played with great amounts of laughter; these ranged from sack races to egg and spoon races, with real raw eggs. Super Gran got in on one of the egg and spoon races and encouraged the adults to join her. The competition had begun in earnest, and Super Gran came fourth.

The children were entertained by Donna Dance and her balloon show. The tables were full of delightful tempting food from fairy bread to hot dogs and chips. After the children had eaten, Super Gran blew her whistle and assembled them all on the grass to await the arrival of Bob Owens Super Hero...the delight and yells of the children could be heard all around the village when Batman appeared on the back of the Harley. Gifts galore were shared amongst the children by Batman.

We had a wonderful time at our annual children’s party for the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, staff and residents.

RO kids party

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